Henry’s best work

Henry Moore is famous for his sculptures of deformed ladies; so famous in fact that a London council can sell one for a mint of money during these cash-strapped times. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20197610

But I prefer his sheep, having frequently studied them myself from my windows in the Derbyshire Dales. No, not his sculpted versions but his drawings which grace the pages of a book. I recommend it.

Author: Janus

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9 thoughts on “Henry’s best work”

  1. Am I alone in thinking Henry Moore’s sculptures are pretentious crap?

    While I am here, I also think Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses are pretentious crap too.

    The drawing is good, he should have stuck with the pencil and left the chisel to someone with talent.

    I’m not Welsh either.

  2. This sheep looks terribly worried, almost demented.
    Probably from running away from English liberals in size 12 wellies!

  3. Moore, a well-known socialist, sold the sculpture at a fraction of its market value to the former London County Council on the understanding that it would be displayed in a public space and might enrich the lives of those living in a socially deprived area.*

    How on earth that sculpture (or any of Moore’s other sculptures) could enrich anyone’s life is beyond me.

    LW, you are not alone – I think the Tower Hamlets Council was robbed when they paid £6,000 for it. If they can get £20 million for the monstrosity they should grab the offer before someone sends in the men in white coats to certify the prospective purchaser!

    I was, once upon a time, persuaded to go to a Picasso exhibition – I left after half-an-hour. I reckon that anyone who saw humanity the way he did needed help – I feel much the same way about Moore’s work…

    * From article

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