Gum control

This is the poll currently being conducted on the web page of South Africa’s largest selling Sunday newspaper down here today. (You too can vote, click here)

What’s it all about?

I simply had to investigate, apparently two ladies were asked to remove and discard gum they were chewing whist waiting for The Gautrain (remember my trip and pics? Here’s my Gautrain post) A row of sorts ensued and they were apprehended / detained for somewhere between 2 and 4 hours before being allowed to proceed with their journey. (report here)

I voted, results on next page.




12 thoughts on “Gum control”

  1. G’morgen, Soutie! A welcome diversion from the Oval methinks. 😉 Gum should be banned from public places altogether. That should keep G4S busy.

  2. I added my twopennyworth as well. If I remember rightly, (it’s been a while since I’ve been there) gum is illegal in Singapore. They had another nice little law as well, if you were caught littering you went to work on a rubbish truck for a period of time. Struck me as particularly appropriate.

  3. Morning James, good for you (tuppences do add up and with today’s exchange rate …… ;))

    I see the ‘No’s’ have crept up a point!

  4. No, gum should not be allowed. It inevitably ends up where it does not belong.
    One of my friends once looked under a Renaissance-era Italian table at one of San Francisco’s major museums and found several pieces stuck there.

  5. I don’t have a problem with chewing gum being chewed, it’s what the irresponsible may do with it afterwards. Personally I swallow it.

  6. I’m not too much bothered by people chewing gum on public transport – although, as Pseu says, it’s what they do with the stuff when their jaws start aching! Personally, I can’t stand gum and never bother with it.

    I do, however, remember being told that it was dangerous to eat while playing sport. It annoys me how many ‘sportsmen’ chew gum while playing.

    I also recall being told that it was extremely ill-mannered to talk with one’s mouth full – so I also object to watching people on TV chewing while talking… and neither of my daughters were allowed to eat it anywhere near me!

    Some many years ago my son-in-law got to the finals in a TV talent program. The camera-men took a lot of shots of my daughter who was busily chewing gum – she was so embarrassed by the images of her broadcast all around the UK that she’s never chewed gum in public ever again.

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