Water, water, every where…

Drip, drip, drip.

Entries for the current photo challenge appear to have dried up!

So. here’s a gentle reminder, deadline is this Saturday.

Water, any form, anywhere, remember water doesn’t even have to be the subject just important to the shot.

Since posting the challenge we’ve had the jubilee flotilla, regatta weeks and of course rain (was it not the wettest June on record in some parts?)

Some fine pictures have already been posted but as the old adage goes the more the merrier.

If members are unsure how to insert a picture on a thread there are very clear instructions at the top of the page or here or simply create a new post and I’ll insert it for you.

That, by the way is my daughter on the left (another one of those ‘Dad’s heart attack moments!’)

4 thoughts on “Water, water, every where…”

  1. Difficult one this – despite the abundance of water around here in the wettest drought ever recorded, I’m having a hard time finding a decent shot.

  2. Môre Janus, some fine entries already, where’s yours? Grandchildren sailing down the Thames (in the rain) would be a fine addition. 😉

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