Images in Comments

To insert images into comments, type the code on the line below into the comment box.   Replace the url (web address, in blue) which appears between the quotation marks (after src=) with the url of the image you wish to post.

<img src="" width="600" />

Whatever the size of your image, this code will make it fit the space available in the comment.

  • If your image is very small, it will be blown up and look awful.
  • If your image is very large, it will take ages to load, but look OK.
  • The best width for your image is somewhere around 600 px, say from 500 px to 1,000 px.

You can type anything you like before this code, and anything you like afterwards.
The code does not have to be all on one line, it can spread over two or more lines.

Yes, you can copy and paste the code directly from this post – and then change the url, of course.


PS: The image can be anywhere on the web, but it’ll probably be safest if you upload it to the Media Library.   Once it’s uploaded, click on edit (in the Library entry) and you’ll find its url which you can copy and paste into the code in your comment.   But you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.