One for the Gardeners

A friend bought us this shrub. It is so pretty that I’d like to plant a couple in the ‘new’ garden. But, I have no idea what it is called and my friend can’t remember its name either.

Any idea, anyone?

19 thoughts on “One for the Gardeners”

  1. Beautiful. May we have another picture that includes shrub shape, size and leaf – is it evergreen / deciduous?

  2. Pseu

    I’ll take some more photos tomorrow.

    I think it’s deciduous – it certainly looked a little sad earlier this year – but I put that down to drought. I gave it several serious dousings of water and it spruced up marvellously.

    It started off about 9 inches tall three years ago – and is now approximately 3 feet. Any plant that can survive and thrive despite my lack of skills has to be hardy… I really am no gardener!

    What I like about this plant is that it is a mass of flowers most of the time. I really can’t see the point of planting something that is only ever just green. If I’m going to make the effort to grow something I want some riotous colour for my efforts!

    The ‘new’ garden is pretty large – but most of it is unusable since it drops away fairly suddenly to a creek, which I suspect is virtually dry at the moment. It’s certainly far enough down from the house not to be a flood danger – even last year. We did check.

    The back part is ‘bush’ consisting mainly of trees – letting nature do its ‘thing’ is fine by me. But there is a banana ‘tree’, a chilli bush / shrub (?) and, I’m told, some pineapple plants. I’m quite sure that there will be other edible plants floating about. The house was built by what are known here as ‘Asians’ – and it would seem that they mostly tend to look at a ‘garden’ as a place to grow food rather than flowers. I might well be posting some more ‘identification’ posts in the near future.

  3. We had this problem a few years ago, Boadicea, when friends gave us plants for a new garden. They had forgotten what one of them was, so we called it Lostus Namus until we found it in a garden centre and were able to identify it. Perhaps a walk round some garden centres?

  4. I plead ignorance but Nym seems to have sorted it out, Boadicea. I cannot identify many of the plants in my garden either but I can’t say it worries me much.

    The shrub certainly looks rather beautiful, which is what is required.

  5. Thanks Pseu. I think that you have sorted the problem – even if my plant has six petals rather than the five shown on the link you’ve provided. The leaves certainly look identical.

    I’m a bit concerned to realise that they can grow to 20 feet high. perhaps not the best choice for a plant to hide the fence!

  6. Boadicea.

    Shrubs can be pruned, so they do not need to grow so high.

    Delighted to hear that you are on the move, and I hope it all goes smoothly. πŸ™‚

  7. Sheona

    I’ve yet to find a decent sized Garden Centre here in Brisbane. One really needs to go in armed with a ‘name’.


    Thanks – I shall be on the look out for similar plants. I’m not really into ‘growing for the cook-pot’ – but I do like flowers.

  8. Sorry I’ve been offline for 48 hours, a bad storm here.

    No this is not the same plant, wrong structure of flower, leaves and stamens.
    Rather bears out a previous posting about lack of botanical knowledge!

    I suspect that is a true tropical, never seen it in the deep South here, I would have remembered it.
    Will have a look round a few sites, other than that you might email the pic to a tropical botanic garden somewhere in the State of Queensland, they would probably be able to help you easily.

  9. I’ve looked over lots of file pics of Tibouchina, not one has 6 petals like yours, some have foliage that is more like yours and some stamens but none conform to all three parameters. I have looked over the sites of the Brisbane garden centres and you are dead right, not what I call impressive when it comes to the actual plants, too many ceramic pots and coffee shops!
    I would take a branch to the Brisbane botanic gardens, they surely must have a botanist there!

  10. PS Please recheck your bush that you haven’t photographed the only ‘sport’ on the bush and the rest have 5 petals! (It happens)

  11. I take it all back, I think you may have a sample of Tibouchina Jules, a dwarf variety which may explain why in the breeding it has gained a petal, seriously weird and freaky! If it carries on growing it is Alstonville.
    Brazilian in origin maybe it freaked out on being taken to Australia!!!!
    I really would consult an expert on to the why’s and wherefore’s of it all.
    What is it about Australia that everything seems to mutate?

  12. Many thanks Christina.

    I’ve just been out and checked the rest of the flowers – what are the odds for me choosing the one flower that had six petals while all the others have only five? Seriously ‘weird and freaky’!

    I’m glad that you agree about our garden centres. They are very small compared with those in other cities and do seem to concentrate on pots,and Bali huts – hideous constructions with straw roofs. .

  13. Are you serious?
    The rest of the bush had only 5 petals / flower?
    You realise that that is exactly how they breed new varieties etc, by taking a cutting off that branch probably by air layering! (Don’t try it!)
    One thing of note about your plant places they are all extremely chary of listing species held etc, none do. Which tells me they are only plant retailers and flog whatever they can get hold of from the wholesalers.
    Suggest you look out of town and ask any gardeners you know which, if any, are real nurseries and grow their stock on and hopefully propagate, get better stuff from people who actually care. Those kind of places cannot afford prime real estate.

  14. I’m absolutely serious, Christina! I chose that particular flower because it was in precisely the right place to be photographed easily. When I went back I counted about another twenty blooms and they only had five petals… I could not find another one with six petals.

    There’s no way I’d try anything so complicated – I break out the champagne if a plant survives planting! To be fair, I’ve had far more success with plants here than in any other State.

    I think you have it right about the garden centres here – retailers rather than growers. Gardens don’t seem to have a high priority in Brisbane.

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