Superbrat didn’t sweat

There’s a few traits about today’s tennis professionals that make me want to shout. They are so fussy about the balls they receive before they serve. They’ll have three in their hand and after analysing them will discard a few to the slave ball boy. Honestly these sportsmen are a spoiled lot; they should see the balls I play with. Also, the rejected balls are rolled along the ground to the ball boys forcing the child to stoop to pick them up. What’s up with bouncing the balls back to the ball boys? Give the ball boys a break, for goodness sake.

There’s one thing above all others that should be outlawed in tennis because it is disgusting. I’ll get to it in a minute. Consider this, would you use a paper hankie after someone’s blown their nose in it? Or use someone’s used toothbrush? No, you wouldn’t. And isn’t it good to see the end of the old practise that mother’s used to use to clean their kids faces. The parent would spit on their hands or dampen a piece of cloth with their spittle and wipe the food stains off the child’s dish. We’re talking cross-contamination here.

Let’s look at the towel situation in professional tennis. Every player uses a towel between points to mop up their sweat. This drenched towel is then presented to the hapless ball boy who has to handle this soaking item. What germs could be lurking in the fabric? Why don’t the players just use a sweat band on their wrist? Pity the poor ball boy after the tournament is finished. No trophy, no big cheque, no interview with Sue, just a dose of the flu.

8 thoughts on “Superbrat didn’t sweat”

  1. Good point, I’ve often wondered why they aren’t issued with surgical gloves, perhaps it’s the cost!

  2. I don’t really like tennis. In fact, I don’t really like any sport where you cannot legally maim your opponent! 🙂

  3. Crikey, I hadn’t even considered this aspect of the game, JW.

    I must admit that I will bear this in mind when I watch Wimbledon.

    Utterly unhygienic, innit?

  4. I expect the ball boys could sell the towels off – it’s amazing what idiots will pay for!

    But, I agree – I’m amazed that ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety haven’t got on to this aspect of tennis yet.

  5. There are, of course, also ball girls. For consistency I used the male gender throughout. It’d be good to see a ball boy throw the towel right back at the prima donnas one day. A soaking wet splodge of sweat right in the mush.

    As for Superbrat, well, he did swear now and again.

  6. The players also throw their sweaty head/armbands into the crowd as souvenirs. What next, I wonder? 😉

  7. Janus :

    The players also throw their sweaty head/armbands into the crowd as souvenirs. What next, I wonder? ;-)

    Jockstraps?? 🙂

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