It Just Will Not Do!

Oh my God I feel quite ill!

I have just read in the paper that the poor Duchess of Cambridge has committed, at least in my book, a hideous faux pas in fashion.  She has, I hope inadvertently, turned up to the Jubilee pageant dressed in clothing already worn in public by Kim Kardashian and some other ghastly TV tart.

It is all very well being economical and wearing off the peg to private dos but quite another matter turning up to State bashes in the same rag as some cheap whore.  Enough already!  The young lady should be made to accept a stylist/dresser who would keep this kind of thing from happening.  Fancy Alexander McQueen even selling it to her without a warning!!  Talk about commercial suicide.  How on earth could it happen?

Any decent dress shop, let alone pret a porter or designers make it their business to know who exactly buys any dress, they keep exact records with computers nowadays a mere touch of the button even on different continents would have been able to advise them to advise her not to wipe the floor with it!!!!

Please God she retreats to haute couture for important public occasions.  If necessary HMQ should write her a cheque for a decent dress allowance!  After all, no pockets in a shroud.

Apart from that, the BBC seemed to make a total balls up of televising the pageant.  Instead of decent shots of the boats and a few commentators who knew their way around water craft we were treated to the same old, same old inanity from silly females who twittered, flannelled, billed and cooed to various nonentities about absolutely nothing at all of any relevance.  How do these bitches get these jobs?  Not on competency that’s for sure!  CNN were even worse and had the temerity to interrupt the whole proceedings with advertisements rendering the whole thing unwatchable.  So, not a good morning at all!  A splendid occasion wrecked, as usual these days, by the BB bloodyC. (And that bloody dress!)

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

24 thoughts on “It Just Will Not Do!”

  1. Christina – I agree the BBC were light handed with the commentary but I expect the brief was to keep it more fun – to maintaina party atmosphere. Even so,for Mat Baker to mention “toilet breaks” seemed rather loose even though I accept the remark was spontaneous. Personally I cannot stand Mat Bakers lop-sided smile and plastic puppy dog turn of the head, let alone his smirking at his female companion. He may indeed be the likeable boy who lives next door type but hs puppet-like movements do me in!

    As for the dress I only saw it as bright red. I am sure all the Royals were colour coordinated and that pencil thin splash of red was OK for me. Good move by the Queen to wear a neutral white and ivory. Nothing gaudy. Just resplendent. PS Did you have anything to do with the weather!

  2. No, its as bad here! I think the jet stream is still very far South all round the Northern hemisphere and doing us all in good and proper.
    You are missing the point about the dress, yes it was beautiful on her but it is who has worn it in public before! She should never be seen in clothes that have been worn by trash! She is the future Queen of England and sullied by association! The likes of Kim Kardashian should not be allowed to lick the pavement in front of her as a matter of principle!!!
    Alexander McQueen should be flung in the Tower for a few years!

  3. I absolutely understand your point about the dress, but I disagree. The Duchess of Cambridge mixes designer clothes with those from High Street chain stores, and good for her! She always looks good, and appropriately attired; she rarely puts a foot wrong. She is evolving her own style.

    I agree that the BBC coverage should have focused more on the boats; I was disappointed too. Hardly a mention of the Dunkirk Little Ships or the working boats.

  4. Araminta I’m sure you would be delighted to pay £2000 plus or so for a pret a porter to find you were a laughing stock. It would have been as if you went to Ascot in a dress that you found had been purchased by Mandy Rice Davies! I’m sure you would have been delighted.
    I understand you always wish to disagree with me, but on this occasion…………..
    Words fail me, good morning.

  5. Since I have no idea who Kim whatever her name is, I have no idea if she should be compared with Mandy Rice Davies, Christina.

    I actually don’t always “wish to disagree” with you, but on this occasion, I do, and I have explained my reasons.

  6. She looked lovely and I don’t care if someone else has worn the same style dress!

  7. The photos I have seen of the dress show that the Duchess of Cambridge’s version is slightly different from the other two, Christina, though I agree that the designer should have told her it had already been seen in public. Who is this Kardashian person anyway? There seems to be more than one of that name.

    As regards the BBC commentary, I found it convenient to change to ITV occasionally to follow the French Open tennis, particularly Djokovic who made a very wobbly start to his match.

  8. You never cease to amaze me, Christina. You have actually heard of Kim Kardashian! You’ve opened a whole new ball park now. Next you’ll be mentioning the likes of Kris Humphries into your posts.

    For the record, I prefer Kate to Kim.

  9. For the record-
    Kim Kardashian came to notice through a reality show in the USA, She then started some shopping channel programme. A total publicity hound, she appeared on the z list, has got up to all sort of mucky stunts. Made a bad sex film, always appears in lubricious poses flaunting whatever part of her body she had currently had enhanced. She married some poor mutt for a publicity stunt this year and dropped him like a hot brick after about 5 minutes, he was rather sweet but just an idiot. She is the lowest of the low, always partnering hunks with chunks in their pants, a total lowlife!
    Well known for licking the barrel besides scraping it.
    Check it out for yourselves if you do not care to believe me.

    For any fashion house to sell the same dress, even slightly altered, after it had been bought by that piece of filth is totally outrageous. It constitutes a cocking of snooks at our royalty and steps should be taken at the Palace to see that such does damn well not happen again.
    It is perfectly acceptable for the young lady to purchase a high street production dress. thousands are made and there is safety in numbers, plus the fact the likes of KK would not be seen dead in the high street! The trouble is when it is a designer dress of limited run and all are known where and to whom they were sold.
    She should have been told.
    She has a choice, either high street or one off couture but not in between.
    For those who are so misguided above this is not a criticism of the Duchess of Cambridge and of course she looked lovely, but SOMETIMES THAT WILL NOT DO!
    She is our future Queen. I reiterate, she needs a dresser. For those of you that do not know, a dresser keeps records and tabs on exactly this sort of thing besides keeping clothes in wearable condition.

    They sold two of these dresses before, and the other one went to some tart not much better than KK. Both American I believe.

  10. CO: I, sadly, am quite familiar with the Kardashians: Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Robert, Jr, Kylie, and Kendall. In San Francisco I didn’t always have much option, what was on the fitness centre television was on the fitness centre television. Which leads me to thing of a raunchy joke… (Forgive me, all, I cannot help myself)

    A man walks into a Los Angeles pub and sees Kim Kardashian sitting alone. He walks up and sits next to her for a few minutes. Building up a bit of Dutch courage with the aid of a few pints he turns to her and says “I’d like a little pussy”. Kim Kardashian turns to him and responds: “so would I, mine’s the size of a tank-trap”.

  11. Having initially thought that your rant was a storm in a teacup, much ado about nothing, thanks to your detailed explanation (#9) I now agree. Can’t have our Kate walking around in outfits previously worn by whores, tarts and the like. As for that queen designer chap, off with his head or Traitors Gate at the very least, (which I noticed during the flotilla sail past yesterday)

    As for the BBC, they appeared to be appealing to the lowest common denominator, those fools in the studio had nothing sensible to add and as for that woman who interviewed the Tower Bridge operator (ooh, what a responsibility, what if it doesn’t lift, they’re getting close etc.) He simply looked at her and treated her as the bumbling airhead she is.

    Agree about CNN awful.

    Fortunately I had sky as a 3rd option, they were passable except for that gratuitous Irish anchor (Holmes ?) who spent the afternoon telling us how cold / wet / windy / uncomfortable he was, ungrateful prat!

  12. I didn’t watch it – too late here!

    I don’t really care about who wore the ‘dress’ before Kate – especially as I’ve never heard of either of them. But, I doubt the outfit was cheap – and on that count alone someone should have noted that the dress was not ‘unique’ and thus inappropriate for an occasion with world-wide coverage.

  13. Thank you, Christina and Christopher, for the information about the Kardashian bunch. I have obviously missed nothing by not being aware of their existence.

  14. Interesting to know how few of you knew who KK is and quite how ghastly!
    It is unfortunate that pret a porter ranges of design houses are deliberately split between continents to spread them as thinly on the ground as possible. So that rarely do the wearers actually meet each other, or attend the same bashes.
    However, with the modern media and constant air travel of some it becomes all too evident all too easily how such information becomes so widespread.
    The only reason I know is that the Kardashian marriage was splashed all over the news bulletins here, even the Yanks were disgusted at this being done as a publicity stunt.
    But you can see why you all have regarded this with a degree of equanimity in the UK whilst the Duchess of Cambridge has been made a laughing stock in the USA and Canada.
    The fashion editors were quite right to head this up.
    It is time the design houses upped their game, the Palace stepped in and The Duchess of Cambridge realised that she cannot control this all herself whilst maintaining a hectic schedule and a marriage, without opening herself to such horrid contretemps.
    It is interesting to note that neither Diana or Camilla have ever been caught out by such. I suspect that Prince Charles insists that they use haute couture for that reason when at public events.

  15. I’m not sure why any of us here, or the Duchess of Cambridge would be bothered about being a “laughing stock” in the USA!

    I suggest it says rather more about attitudes and values in the USA and Canada, than the dress sense of our future queen. She is unlikely to be Queen for some time and I fail to see why she should dress in the same fashion as someone who is old enough to be her grandmother or her mother in law.

  16. It’s not a question of the Duchess of Cambridge dressing in the same way as her mother-in-law or grandmother-in-law, Araminta. It’s a question of her being the first to wear a certain item, which the rest of the world can then scramble out and buy. When she wears something that has already been worn on the public stage then it reduces the impact she makes. “Déjà viewed” in fact, as husband says.

  17. Yes, Sheona, this I do understand, as I said in my first comment on this post, but it’s rather old fashioned, in my opinion.

    This post, detracts from what was an amazing day, and what the Duchess of Cambridge wore is not not really relevant to me.

    I bet that the next time she sets foot in the USA or Canada, she will be welcomed. She has hardly put a foot wrong, and she has a great deal of support from her husband, her father in law, and the Queen, and she is a credit to us all.

    Diana may well have looked the part in “haute couture” but she was a disaster in many other ways.

  18. Araminta :

    Yes, Sheona, this I do understand, as I said in my first comment on this post, but it’s rather old fashioned, in my opinion.

    This post, detracts from what was an amazing day, and what the Duchess of Cambridge wore is not no
    t really relevant to me.

    I bet that the next time she sets foot in the USA or Canada, she will be welcomed. She has hardly put a foot wrong, and she has a great deal of support from her husband, her father in law, and the Queen, and she is a credit to us all.

    Diana may well have looked the part in “haute couture” but she was a disaster in many other ways.

    Minters: Canada will, of course, welcome their future queen. In California, at least, people thought she looked striking in the dress. Whether or not Kim Kardashian wore it before her is not that important. Those who are intelligent enough to read generally do not consider Kim Kardashian to be truly human, anyway.

  19. Personally, I do not really care if Kate wears the same dress as a couple of C-list slappers. She is a lovely lady, although I wish she would put a few pounds on! She will always look better than those others.

  20. Thanks, Christopher.

    I am not au fait with C-list slappers (thanks FEEG) on either side of the Atlantic. I consider this to be a Good Thing, generally speaking. 🙂

  21. Never mind that dress. Did you see my grandaughter in one of the sea cadets boats?Radiant in royal blue (what else?) and a rain hood.

  22. Janus, well from the stuff I saw on BBC America, no. Hardly any boats were seen, too much drivel by morons attempting to interview z listers!
    If anyone actually pays for the BBC next levy, they need a frontal lobotomy.
    About time that organisation was put down.
    I do hope your grandaughter was well subsequently? That river looked damnably inhospitable and unpleasant weatherwise.

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