Bert Weedon has died…..

I do not like to hog the front page after my recent post, but I have just heard a bit of sad news. Bert Weedon has died at the good old age of 91. I learnt to play the guitar from his book Play in a Day many (far too many) years ago..

Rather more importantly, the likes of Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin, Brian May and many other luminaries of the guitar world also learned to play from his book. Just swap that harp for a Stratocaster, Bert!

6 thoughts on “Bert Weedon has died…..”

  1. Nice post FEEG, If I was Bert I think I would be quite pleased at that.
    I can see Bert now on telly with his guitar slung about him and I recall he had a slight speech impediment, funny how things like that stick with you. A few of my mates went through a ‘phase’ guided by Bert and his various aids and books but not me, oh no, I was the beat king of my flats, drums held my interest, starting with two of my Mums knitting needles on the pouf and ending up with a set of Premiers when I stood in for Charley Watts foe twenty minutes one night. But as Oliver Postgate would say, that, is another story

  2. This was always about the time I headed for the bar!
    Do you think there might just be a corner in either the upper or lower divisions of the afterlife that have complete silence?
    If not, I’m not going! I shall have to remain immortal.

  3. I read about this earlier; not only influential as regards his talent, but he always seemed to be a thoroughly pleasant and genial sort of chap.

  4. Yes, Bert was one of those ‘unattractive’ stars – maybe a SuBo of his time – who always amazed with his talent.

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