On the Subject of Bathrooms

There is today an article in the DT, (right at the bottom) on bathrooms in pictorial format.

Apart from noting the appalling vulgarity of most of them and their suitability only for oligarchs, nabobs and third world dictators, not forgetting British politicians and wankers, sorry bankers; on further examination I noted some rather disturbing details.

It must be that the above categories of creatures, not being truly mortal, do not defecate!  In many of the pictures there is no provision made for bog paper!  Or do they have slaves on standby to wipe their arses?

Equally after they have showered or bathed there appears to be no provision for a towel, do they shake dry like a dog?  Do the peasant come and lick them dry? Not only is there no provision for a towel but no storage for clean ones either.

Another consideration, is no one in their households either old or disabled? Not a grab bar in sight, what do they do with these sad remnants of humanity?  Bang them on the head, so as not to disturb the decor?

The final horror of it all is that many of these pinnacles of bad taste have been created within Georgian houses according to the realtors!  Can you imagine butchering a Georgian house to produce this anathema to good taste?

A final comforting thought, most of these excrescences are created with no curtains and no opaque glass, one can only hope that the new owners are picked off by snipers, they deserve to be!

Sorry no linky thing.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

10 thoughts on “On the Subject of Bathrooms”

  1. You don’t have to provide a link, I read the article and looked at the pictures this morning with a growing sense of horror. I am still not entirely recovered from the experience.

  2. Thank you for the link Ara, I may never forgive you.

    Out of the lot of them, I have to admit that No 19 seemed not too bad, albeit in no way sexy as alleged. Mind, that’s probably just me and the age that I am.

  3. I soldiered on from No 3 (sanity shattered) reached No 7 (organ donation?) trod warily on hi-tech eggshells at 15 (crossing legs) and settled, happily sedated, in No 17, padded cell. Somewhere along the line, I may have climbed a couple of climbing frames to reach towels which weren’t there. It’s been exciting. Thank you.

  4. I definitely saw towels in two of the exhibits and loo roll in one. But I couldn’t enter No 3 without doing myself some damage – all those reflective surfaces and glass. I’d be walking into things all the time. And as for the one with the view of a neighbour’s brick wall out of the window …

  5. Thank you for the linky thing ara.

    Quite restores one’s faith in humanity that one is not alone in one’s opinion.

  6. #5 is for basket ball players only – or if you do get your leg over, you’ll stay there. The price all found (you hope)? More than you can afford.

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