It will soon be St George’s Day

The title says it all. It will soon be the day that true Englishmen should relish, as well as being the day that William Shakespeare died and it was also, quite possibly, his birthday.

As far as Charioteers are concerned, it is also the deadline (at midnight)  for

Photo Competition 25.

After my last prod we have seen several more interesting photos of musical instruments, but it would be great if we had still more. Surely all of you have a pair of spoons sitting in your kitchen drawer 🙂

17 thoughts on “It will soon be St George’s Day”

  1. Yes, St George’s Day – I’m getting mixed feelings about it becoming the English National Day, as some suggest. I mean George was a from Asia Minor. Hardly a rôle-model for us chaps.

  2. I think the dragon should get the recognition!
    There is one that lives under a bridge on the Towy between Llansawel and Talley, very elegant in green with red flashes. It is known to eat coaches full of tourists and, of course, wogs. Which accounts for the fact that no strangers ever get to Llansawel, (Which is probably a good thing, better to be eaten by dragons than the locals!)

    We used to have endless discussions about this dragon at about 5am during ‘lock ins’, by which time some insisted it was multicoloured (It was even rumoured to be queer!), fortunately there were sufficient police roaming the area to dissuade us from going to check for ourselves in our mechanical chariots!

    As it appears to be the only beast left in the UK doing it’s bit for the locals, despite all attempts by Westminster to eradicate such, it should be awarded instant beatification and sanctity and adopted as a national saint.
    I expect it could be persuaded to help out in England especially with the promise of a constant diet of muslims, no doubt if it can eat buses it can cope with the odd greasy rags!

    (Well then, it made a change from yakking about the price of sheep in Llanybyther market!)

  3. CO, it’s OK for you to be smug – you’ve got your Dewi Sant, as Welsh as Barry John and almost as popular.

  4. It appears that the Loch Ness monster has been spotted again at the bottom of the loch by some underwater camera. It’s probably not as beautiful as Christina’s dragon, but it’s ours and nobody’s killed it yet, not even Alex Salmond.

    btw Janus, I saw a Patriotic Bouquet of red and white flowers for sale in Sainsbury’s today. If I’d known about it earlier, I could have sent you one.

  5. After due consideration I nominate, as patron saint, St Ælfheah (Alfie to his mates) who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury to die a violent death – on 19th April 1012. As it happens he was set upon by Viking raiders who kidnapped him and then attacked him with ox bones when refused a ransom.

    His signature tune ‘Alfie, what’s it all about?’ by the incurably English Cilla Black will be a suitable anthem for the day.

  6. sheona :

    It appears that the Loch Ness monster has been spotted again at the bottom of the loch by some underwater camera.


    Good morning to you.

    Typical SNP spin. I have it on good authority that the Nessie story is a total cover-up.

    The real story is that our Dear Leader, Alex the Sleekit, was browsing through his copy of ‘What Megalomaniac, Self-obsessed, Publicity-Hungry Dictators Do’ and came across the chapter on Mao.

    What the photographer actually snapped was top secret buoyancy trials of Salmond to see if he could emulate Mao.

    Inevitably, as lard is heavier than water, he went straight to the bottom, once he had breathed out the last of the hot air with which he is usally filled..

  7. I’m not sure that St George is an appropriate Saint for England – I recall having a very heated argument on the ‘other side’ about the fact that George was an Asian and was the patron Saint of quite a few other places.

    I’m inclined to think it’s about time the English had a Patron Saint who was quintessentially English and represents the eccentricities of the English.

    May I propose that Lady Godiva be elevated to the Company of Saints and adopted as England’s Patron Saint?

    She, apparently, stood up for the poor and did so in a way that only those who truly understand the English psyche can fully appreciate.


  8. PS. George is too bloody nearly a raghead in my opinion, Anatolia being too damned close to Pakiland.
    And, and, had the cheek to come to the UK dragging his prejudices with him and kill one of our dragons.
    Who asked the bastard?
    Probably an illegal immigrant!
    Obviously Theresa May’s progenitors were equally inept at keeping them out/sending them home.

  9. Boa, quite right. Godiva, who thrilled the denizens of Coventry with her cheeky protest – although only Peeping Tom akshully watched – was the proud forerunner of the English Rose Good Sport.

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