The Merry Wives of Tshwane

Yesterday it was confirmed that South Africa’s very own Falstaff is to marry for the 6th time. Our polygamous President Zuma, currently enjoys the company of only three wives, having divorced  his second, while his third committed suicide. He has been engaged to his latest fiance for a number of years, but the forthcoming nuptials will formalise the arrangement. JayZee as he is sometimes known, has publicly acknowledged upwards of 20 children by various wives and mistresses, but others claim that the real number of progeny far exceeds this.

In any event here is a happy picture taken at his recent 70th birthday bash.

Got to say, though, that the missus on the right doesn’t look too chuffed.

The Merry Wives of Tshwane

8 thoughts on “The Merry Wives of Tshwane”

  1. Janus – Well if you were JayZee, would you climb over the, ahem, pneumatic lady on his left to get to Mama Lemon Face?


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