11 thoughts on “Evening all”

  1. My favourite card is a thank-you card with a cartoon rabbit that says:
    “thank you from the bottom of my butt. It’s a lot bigger than my heart. Much more expressive, too”.

  2. Ara, I made a card this year in fact and received a lovely card and roses! This was just a lighthearted post before bed 🙂

    Janus, not me…

    Thank you, Chris… I think…

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  3. I received the most wonderful card this year; my flabber was utterly gasted. My profound thanks and devotion to the lady of my dreams! 😀
    Boadicea of course, who else?

  4. Pseu – there are several answers to your question, most of which are probably inappropriate for publication on the Chariot. But why do you think the banner changed for 24 hours? 😆

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