The pleasures of the Chariot

(As cherished colleagues must have noticed, Backside has now had his gadfly clamped and impounded far away from the the Colosseum where these games are played.)

Our daily visits here bring us all enjoyment far beyond the allure of panem et circenses or Androcles and the Lion or Spartacus. And it was a local Roman playwright, Terence, who wrote a play called The Eunuch, in which one of his characters explains that a love-affair is ruled by its own illogical laws:

“All these vices are in love: injuries, suspicions, enmity, offenses, war, peace restored. If you think that uncertain things can be made certain by reason, you’ll accomplish nothing more than if you strived to go insane by sanity.”

Doesn’t that describe our correspondence on the Chariot? Debates about the uncertainties of life? And most important: a good larf! As WS remarked, “Present mirth hath present laughter. What’s to come is still unsure.”

So I do hope we can all continue to come here, taste the wine, hear the band, blow that horn – and generally be entertained!

Author: Janus

Hey! I'm back ...... and front

18 thoughts on “The pleasures of the Chariot”

  1. Thank you for this, Janus. Recently I’ve been debating on whether or not I should post my musings on life in general on the chariot, perhaps I’ll get around to it.

  2. Well said, Janus. You are a blogger who posts regularly, variously and interestingly. (Occasionally incomprehensibly…. 😉 Maybe that’s just me….?)

    At a generous estimate of 20 active participants on the site, we need perhaps to have a few more posts from a wider pool of those who currently comment but don’t post. By having a few more posts the site would be less static. I miss Old Movie Guy, and Janh’s posts, plus others.

  3. Pseu :

    Occasionally incomprehensibly….

    I rarely have any idea what he’s on about, I’m pleased that I’m not alone 😉

  4. Soutie, while it’s quiet, would you explain how I can edit comments to show approval? (Or have I got it round my neck again?)

  5. I have left Bearsy a comment… it is possible to enable ‘thumbs up’ for each comments if he and the others feel it would work…. I have added this to my own blog to try it out -if you want to try it…..

    “Go to your dashboard, click Ratings. The main page of Ratings settings shows you three tabs where you can choose to enable your thumbs… “

    May be simpler than trying to teach us how to put an avatar in a comment to show approval!

  6. Hi Nym.

    I saw your comment earlier and yes, it does work, I tried it on my own site.

    I then rapidly turned it off; it looks very untidy, and I don’t think it is of any benefit on my WordPress site.

  7. The difference is that here we don’t have ‘nested comments’ – so a reply to a specific comment is often way down the page, whereas on our own blogs we can reply to individual comments.

    I don’t think nested comments work so well on a multi-author forum such as this (and I think this was discussed in the early days) – and in this case the ‘thumbs up’ may be a way to allow a response to a comment without making a new comment? I’ll be interested to hear what Bearsy and Boadicea think…

  8. I take your point, Nym, and I agree with you about the “nested comments”; on a long thread it becomes a pain in the neck. I am rather against the like and dislike business actually, although I use it on MyT, but it can cause problems.

    We shall see, as you say, what Bearsy and Boadicea think. I’m not really fussed.

  9. Pseu – nested comments were unpopular here. We had them when we started, but a vote was, I believe, unanimous in demanding their removal. I cannot remember why they made navigation difficult, but they did.

    Ah! Ratings, of course. I remember investigating them back at the beginning, but they didn’t seem to offer anything useful. They don’t work like “Likes”, which we all seem to be fond of, so they’re switched off for now. If a majority would like them instated, I’ll give it some further thought.

    I must apologise to everyone for the “gravatar-showing-likes” that I added to a couple of comments recently; they were only for fun. Soutie liked the idea and picked it up and ran with it – we exchanged a couple of amused e-mails on the subject. All Charioteers can add them to comments in their own posts (only) by editing, and moderators can add them to any comments, but they have to be done in HTML, so they’re not really a viable facility. Sorry! 🙄

  10. Araminta :

    Let the games recommence, Janus. ;)

    Morning Janus

    You have always been able to ‘edit’ comments on your own posts.

    This is not restricted to fixing typos and/or spelling mistakes but you can add (or delete) whatever you feel like! And it’s relatively straight forward,

    Have a look at Ara’s #9 now 😉

    If you open Ara’s comment using the edit function you’ll see exactly what I’ve done, I’ve started and ended (most important) with the ‘itallic’ command.

    Should you wish to add colour and/or your gravatar that’s a lot more complicated (perhaps like you trying to teach me Greek or Latin!) Try it when the mood strikes with simple one or two line comments and we can perhaps progress from there 😉

  11. Soutie, good morning, on this my 69th!

    Thanks for the invitation! I’ll await the mood…… 🙂

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