18 thoughts on “Not Out”

  1. Hear hear, Mr. Mackie. This is becoming boring, I must disagree with something you say, but not yet.

    OK, at some point, in the distant future, I’ll get round to my next epic on Cromwell and Charles I, but not yet I fear. I fear we may disagree on this. Not that it’s stopping me, of course.

  2. Good evening, Mr Mackie. Best wishes for the New Year to you , Mrs. Mackie and your new canine from us both.

    May be a while for the promised blast. 🙂

  3. Happy New Year John, Mrs Mackie and wee Dougal. I can see the wind lifting his ears on Arthur’s Seat.

  4. It used to be commonplace to insult a player on the football field with the sledge, “Show me your medals”. This phrase has now been amended by bloggers to “Show me your stats” when a popularity contest is contested.

    Emm, anybody want to see my football medals?

  5. TR: My thoughts exactly, WordPress tells me I have posted 70 times, let’s be generous and claim 10 comments per post, that’s a grand total of……wait for it …..700 comments out of 250,000.

    But quite surprisingly, I do have a life.

  6. Hello LW,

    Just a wee josh. I don’t bother about these things.

    Over on our Distinguished Competition (MYT) at the end of each blog there was a view and comment counter. Desperately, I strived for a no view/no comment blog. 0-0. I wracked my brains to find the most boring topic on earth. Still someone out there didn’t get the message and would click the title and spoil the symmetry.

  7. I found it! I was looking on the dash and here it was all the time. Sad.

    The dash says 3,722 posts and 51,201 comments. Crikey.

  8. For the avoidance of doubt, that’s –

    • A quarter of a million hits
    • Fifty thousand comments, on
    • Getting on for four thousand posts

    Post and Comment statistics do not include numbers from posts that have been removed, but Hit statistics do. Many posts have been removed.

  9. JM and the Management, I think the Chariot succeeds by discouraging the dross that the Big House is full of – endless diatribes in broken Englsih on barely discernible topics. Well done from me and Backside, too.

  10. Ah, but at least the ones left are reasonably sane!
    Well shot of some of the departees.
    Thank you the management.
    Oh God, for once I agree with janus EEWWW!

  11. Well done, Boadicea, Bearsy and Soutie. This is a very pleasant site, as well as being interesting, informative and frequently beautifully illustrated. Long may it continue.

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