Cricketing Trivia Yet Again

I ask those cherished authors who do not share a love of the game to pass by on the other side as I feel the need to unburden myself.This DRS thing is getting a bit iffy, in my opinion.

Two debatable decisions in the England v Pakistan disaster today. Don’t personally think that Strauss touched it but can’t argue with his dismissal because there was clearly a noise. The Ajmal decision is a shocker for me. Absolutely no evidence of contact with bat or glove but the Third Umpire gives it out because he has no conclusive evidence to overturn the decision since the hot spot camera was unsighted. I accept that ‘umpire’s decision’ is part of the present set up but I still adhere to the old principle that if you have any doubt about whether somebody is out then they have to remain in.

All this is peripheral to my main worry. Mistakes happen. What does concern me is that it is now being suggested that more use should be made of spinners because of DRS. Pundits are saying on Sky today that Monty should play in the next Test just because he bowls in line, does not spin the ball too much and is, therefore, bound to pick up wickets on review.

I yield to none in the enjoyment of watching England spinners from  Locke through Titmus to Shaw but this is, in my opinion, a whole new ball game.

For Soutie’s benefit. a bit hacked-off with D/L as well. Thought Sri Lanka were robbed in that last ODI. Mind, going back to DRS, that Duminy runout was grotesque, given any benefit of doubt.

8 thoughts on “Cricketing Trivia Yet Again”

  1. Hi, JM, did not watch any of the English game so am not familiar with the decisions that you are questioning. However, what you say about ‘playing to the technology’ is indeed worrying, though, perhaps inevitable. You only have to look and see how games evolve when you start messing with the rules. Association Football to Rugby to Rugby League to Canadian Football to US Gridiron. Just think how American Football, and American sports generally make use of Timeouts even calling them with seconds left to play. They are an anathema to British sports lovers, but obviously work for the Yanks. Perhaps we will get used to the new direction that cricket is taking.

    As for D/L, South Africa is still mourning that World Cup semi-final in 2003 when Sean Pollock miscalculated and called in his players one run too early thus handing victory to Sri Lanka. That last ODI does not begin to make up for that tragedy.

  2. Evening JM

    And if I may, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best for the new year. (Am I allowed to get in first :?)

    Okay, first things first, I haven’t seen either of the DRS cock-ups, however what is important to note is that the umpires decision on the field stood. So, with or without DRS the ‘errors’ had no effect on the outcome of the match.

    Good grief, England were awful, never mind 2 to go!

    I’m also hacked off, why on earth they want to play D/N matches up in the highveld when it’s a known fact that it rains up there is beyond me, our thieving cricket administrators are selling the game out, not to worry, they should all be gone by the end of the year.

    As for the D/L on Tuesdays game, what can I say? It’s an international standard, supervised by international officials, so I suppose that you win some and lose some.

    While you are here, where can I find a date for the decision in the Dewani extradition appeal? I thought it was supposed to be this week but I can find no relevant data whatsoever. Do you have access to the court rolls and timing?

  3. Hi Soutie, Out of the game now and I was Jock law anyway.

    Having googled and as I understand it, the Dewani decision will come within the current term which is. apparently Hilary and 11th January to 4th April 2012.

    It looks to me that he is on his way to you. Home Secretary has agreed the extradition and I personally believe that he has no corner left to hide.

    I could, of course, be wrong.

    A Good New Year to you and yours and well played pre-empting me. I may, of course, never forgive you for that.

    England were indeed awful. Things can only get better.

  4. I was originally a fan of DRS as it seemed to even itself out and helped prove how good the umpires actually are, however, after seeing the two incidents to which you refer I am beginning to have doubts too.

    My initial doubt started just the other day when I heard former umpiring God, Dickie Bird, interviewed on Radio 5 Live (on receipt of another gong from HRH), He was very anti, and he knows a thing or two. I wonder where it will go from here. Today’s errors certainly didn’t help the chance of getting the Indians to conform. I am not sitting on the fence!

    I do think that the D/L method is as best as we can get though. But Soutie makes a good point about scheduling – often one day games are virtually won or lost on the toss due to conditions changing so much as night falls – this is definitely something the game’s administrators can address.

    Dreadful batting by England – good news though – the last 4 tests they have lost they have come straight back and won – including losses to Aus and Pakistan. So good luck next week!

  5. I gather we have been thrashed again at yet another game we beqeathed to the world. Perhaps we omitted to invest sufficient money in the Asian gambling syndicates, which seems to be a new rule absent from the original spirit. Or maybe we did – who knows?


  6. Irresistible……………………………
    Passing by on the other side with eyes averted!

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