Life’s been fun and busy. Meals out, meeting friends, taking Techie out. On Saturday we went on a trip.

Where was I?

And who is this?

As yet unnamed, this small character is a new addition to the Pseu household.
We weren’t ready for a new cat after Jake. Our plan was to wait until Spring and have a pair of brothers, ginger in colour if possible. But on Friday night it appears I was persuaded to take on the responsibility for a nine week kitten, which arrived last night

It has the tiniest squeaky mew and a purr fit for a Harley Davidson. No name yet as we are not completely sure of the sex.
After a completely manic half hour (s)he has just curled up in Jake’s old place and fallen fast asleep. I can now go and put everything back in the (f)utility. This little Pip Squeak seems to have a penchant for laundry.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

12 thoughts on “Catatonic?”

  1. That looks rather like York Minster to me. Cute kitten, but I really a dog person.

  2. I think you were in York – and that’s supposed to be a statue of Constantine who was declared Roman Emperor in Britain.

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