Budgets never did solve anything

Sorry to hog the home page but the Europrats are really getting my goat. The Twin Tw*ts (Merkel and Sarko) want to tighten the budgeting process to solve the Euro problem. ‘Beat them into submisssion if they don’t behave,’ they say. Er, excuse me. How? When? How often?

Any cherished member here who has been in biz or some other ‘profit-responsible’ position, will appreciate my point – that coming up with a budget is the easy bit. Delivering is not. So the Disastrous Duo will have to wait until countries default before they do anything and then what? Send them a bill? Come on! A further charge on the account won’t help! By which time the Euro has disappeared down the pan.

As Standard and Poors are trying to say, the Euro crisis is about debt, not budgetary control and about the EUrozone’s failure to deal with it, leaving Sarko in no position to pontificate on it, given his own precarious position on the cliff-top. (Bit of a mixed whatsit there, sorry.)

Let’s face it: Germany wants to rule the roost. France knows that but is powerless to act. Same old.

Author: Janus

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2 thoughts on “Budgets never did solve anything”

  1. I am going to be frightfully controversial here, Janus, but I don’t think any of the politicians have a clue.

    Not one of them knows what to do, they are all panicking. I know there is a theory doing the rounds at the moment that Germany wants to take over Europe yet again, but I don’t think it’s true. They are just as clueless and broke as the rest of us!

    Well, not quite as broke, but they stand more to lose, in one sense and no one can afford to sort out this mess on their own.

  2. You’re probably right, Arrers! However Merkel’s remark that defaulters would be punished has an eery ring to it!

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