The UK is sick

Thank heavens I no longer live there.   I feel very sorry and concerned for those of my rellies that still do.

Three Muslim tarts beat up a white girl, pulling her hair out and kicking her while she was on the ground, and shouting “Kill the white slag” (it’s all on video).   Their defence was Islam.   And the frigging judge let them go free.

Meanwhile, a slightly ‘touched’ English girl is imprisoned and her children taken away because she said things on a tram.   Words – nothing more.

What a horrible cesspit of a country.   A nation of politically correct apologists for Islam, motivated entirely by fear.   Anyone feel like defending it?

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

21 thoughts on “The UK is sick”

  1. Bearsy, have her children been taken away? On what grounds were the children taken away? I read yesterday that a “Not guilty” plea was mistakenly/prematurely submitted. Please allow me to read up on both stories before putting in my pennyworth but it looks as if you have weighed it up about right! (I suppose the tram woman could have been charged with incitement to riot – I believe she named “Poles” in her invective as well. I guess shee felt rightly pissed off that this country is being taken over by people who have no identity with it. Hmmph I guess I now agree with you! )

  2. Just read the Daily Mail account of the Leicester attack and hearing. For the Judge to swallow the line that these girls were not used to alcohol seems unbelievable and maybe indicative of the standard/gravita of some of the UK junior judges these days. I wonder too, whether this weak and naive judge was chosen to hear this trial; I wonder too whether he was primed to give a sentence that would not send the attackers to jail. The judge’s words are unwisely chosen.

  3. It’s the contrast between the two cases that really gets up my nose, PG. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m just a teensy-weensy bit cross about it. 👿

  4. I have to say Bearsy that the Tram girl being remanded is an absolute shocker. I hope they appeal – the reasons given are weak at best and the precedent for remanding for the defendant’s own protection is very rarely justifiable. I wouldn’t mind taking the stand for that one.

    As for the other case, there’s so much to say. Firstly, the fact that they weren’t charged with racially aggravated assault is utterly bewildering – the legislation is very clear and does apply both ways. The video evidence along should guarantee the conviction, which it did, but as they weren’t charged with the aggravating aspect the judge could only treat it as a ‘normal’ ABH. The problem therefore has to be with the police or the local CPS in deciding not to add the racial element.

    The sentence itself is sadly lacking, and yes, is probably due to a weak judge due to the fact that the council and MPs in Leicester are dominated by ethnics.

    So, yep, you’re right Bearsy, the UK is sick. Get me out of here!

  5. the legislation is very clear and does apply both ways

    Not in the mind of bed wetting liberal lefties, it does not.

  6. While I deplore the woman’s outburst I wonder what caused her to go off like that. We only saw her shouting abuse, did someone say something to her first or did they attack her?

    It is very different to say “I saw that car run her over” when in effect she stepped in front of the car.

    I am not condoning her comments just saying is there more to this than we know?

    As fro those damn women how come they got let off? I couldn’t believe this when I saw it this morning.

  7. The UK is great — for a few weeks’ holiday. The woman on the tram at most deserved a citation for disturbing the peace. Screaming belligerently for extended periods of time at people in a crowded place tends to cause problems. The Somalis deserved 5-year gaol sentences, if not more. I have some experiences with Somalis in the Twin Cities region and they’ve been underwhelming. Some nice, some nasty, all around underwhelming.

  8. Oh dear Bearsy, ditto conversation with spousal unit, we are exceptionally glad we no longer live there.
    Mind you Wales is a bit different, everyone tells them to go home there and that includes the White English!

    Re Somalis, Brum council, despite being desperately PC, would only house them all together in a block scheduled for demolition. They had a nasty habit of lighting fires in the middle of the living room floor, not using the working bathrooms and behaving like a pack of animals, they really smelt too, used to come across them in the Post Office, everyone gave them a very wide berth!
    Total sub human scum that should be deported lock stock and barrel to kill each other in their wretched rat hole of a sink. It is interesting that the only decent ones amongst them have no time for Somalia either, hived off and made Somaliland of which you hear nothing at all, but then they are not starving, fighting, fucking or committing acts of piracy! None of them ever end up in the UK.

  9. How on earth can somebody be locked up ‘for their own good’ without their consent?

    I’m well aware that people think that I live in a basket case country or banana republic but I can assure you that here the three Somalis (or was it four?) would be in jail and the young woman out on the beach with her family this Christmas.

  10. So I should go and knife Cameron then claim I should be let off because I am not used to stabbing people with a kitchen utensil. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  11. I had not noticed that the Muslim slags in this case were Somalis.

    We only have a relatively small number of Somalis in Australia, but they cause an awful lot of trouble, way out of proportion to their numbers.

    Somalis should not be allowed to enter civilised countries until they have been house-trained.

  12. You can certainly declare the UK to be a cesspit of a country on the strength of two recent decisions by the courts with which you may have a reason to disagree, and you may also congratulate yourself on having made the decision to leave.

    I don’t have a problem with it, save that it would appear to me to be a tad knee-jerk, but fair enough, I can understand your concern for your relatives who are obliged to remain here.

    I can actually see your point, it would appear that in the instance of the Somalis, despite the frequently made accusations that Muslims are not capable of integration, have done exceedingly well. They have obviously cottoned on quickly to the cultural norms that prevail in some cities in the UK: that is, a good night out is going into the city centre, getting pissed, and just beating up someone, preferably of a different colour, but I’m not sure that is so important, any reason will suffice.

    Now this particular case would not have hit the headlines if their religion had been ignored, so yes, bad call by the judge. It would have been just another case of “scum” of whatever religion or colour having “fun” on a night out!

    Having said that, I enjoy living in the UK, despite its faults, and if people want to leave, or prefer not to return, they are more than welcome to do so, it leaves more room for the rest of us!

  13. You convincingly illustrate why you are part of the problem, Araminta. I would have expected no less. 😀

  14. Anyway, I am somewhat distracted by dust at the moment, so don’t expect too much from me. Kitchen redecoration when I should be focussed on Christmas. Entirely my own fault; but it’s going to be good when it’s finished. I am somewhat inconvenienced and distracted, and not being able to access the kitchen during the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm is fine, I keep telling myself, but trying in the short-term.

    I’m looking forward to Christmas, not, and afterwards the rest of the house is going to be sorted, she says weakly with a fixed grin. It will be fine, and I’m doing my bit to boost the economy. 😦

  15. Patriotism is blind, like love, so yes, I’ll defend our beloved country. I’m sure the media gets similar kicks in Aus.

  16. It’s not just sick, it is on the waiting list for every vital transplant organ while being rescusitated 6 times a day.

    Here is the latest little gem.

    It is hailed as a breakthrough in transgender equality. Pray tell how does making a shims life twice as important as anyone elses qualify as equality?

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