18th Photographic Competition Result

Right then

There was a strong chance that this whole thing was going to go seriously pear-shaped when Bearsy posted the first non-entry within a day of my setting the competition. I was minded to go back to reset the rules by saying that it did not have to be your own work and that the closing date was one minute after his entry appeared.

‘Every Picture Sells a Tory’

Being a dour and miserable Jock, there is very little that amuses me but the picture and the caption were inspired and raised a slight smile even for me. Before I do anything else, I award Bearsy the Packing Room Prize for the 18th Photograph Competition. Smiley thing and on to the actual winner.

First in was Pseu.

Pseu always gives us  powerful images and posts. Since I first remember her on MyT, I have felt that her avatar of her standing, arms outstretched, on a high place said so much about her and who she was. For me, this photo says even more and tells the story of her passing her torch to her sons.

Moving on to FEEG

Why? Disaster? Forgetfulness? Artistic? Experiment? I don’t know and I don’t care. All possible stories and all intriguing.

Next in was OZ. Playing on my known reverence for my Guru, he played the Ferret card. I remember the photo from the report of that visit to Portugal.

The problem here, of course, is that, being of the old school, I still believe that ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’ so we will, I hope, never hear the whole story. If; however, Ferret and Beloved are doing another tour, could Mrs M and I come too please, OZ? That pool and that wine both look inviting.

On to Henley on Thames or thereby.

That is a superb photograph, Ara. There is a huge story there Looking at the assorted Elvii it seems to me that some of them are still revelling, some are seriously losing it and the Captain is clearly hoping that they all go to the toilet and die.

RR, your photo says it all really.

The whole history of the Few is a truly great story. I had never heard of Capel-le-Ferne before but I am now totally hooked, having googled. I will be visiting it at the earliest opportunity.

Sipu, great story and a fine photo.

It happens in Euroland as well. I have friends who moved to a small hilltop village in Garfagnana. They were told that it might take about three months to get a legal electric supply to their derelict house but that corners could be cut for the right amount. Right amount was duly proferred and a workman arrived next morning to cut corners in a truly spectacular fashion. Our friends still do not know whose electricity supply they were tapped into and how.

LW, thanks for your entry as well. Certainly not too late.

Re-enactment and revisiting history are always fine things and certainly story-evoking. Is the small boat on the right some sort of official participant or merely in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Thanks for all the entries.

The winner is the one which sent me off in so many directions of speculation. As I said before -Why?

My own theory is that it’s a Miss Havisham moment from a celebration which sadly never took place.

 Congratulations, FEEG.

11 thoughts on “18th Photographic Competition Result”

  1. Congratulations, FEEG.

    … and thank you, JM for the “Packing Room Prize” – I shall treasure that greatly as the first thing I’ve ever won by not entering! 😆

    I should point out that Elvis is third rather than second, and therefore declines –

    • Elvis, -is, -ēs [Say “Ell-vaize”]

    Big, big smiley.

  2. Well done, FEEG and JM, despite your classical lapse which Bearsy managed by dint of the time zones to correct before I could add my pedantic penn’th. Of course even more correct would be to point out that Elvis cannot have a plural at all, except in English which caters for Smiths, Joneses and Elvises.

  3. Wow. I am honoured. Thank you!

    This is the first time anything vaguely artistic that I have done has been awarded such a glittering prize! The last time I had any artistic recognition was when I had a “abstract” painting included in the Year 2 exhibition in my grammar school art room. When the (he liked to think he was avant-garde, we had another description) art teacher asked me what it was called, I said “The Fight”. He did al the usual framing with the fingers, standing back and proclaimed, “Oh yes, I can see all the emotion in it!”. Little did he know that it was just the result of a paint fight between me and my best mate!

    I afraid to spoil some of the romantic notions that some of you have come up with to describe how that food in the photo came to be in that state. In actual fact, it was a plate put out the feed the inmates of a butterfly farm near Niagara Falls. I remarked to Mrs FEEG at the time that some one must have forgotten their lunch, and she dutifully chortled at my erudite wit!

    I suppose you would want me to set the theme for #19, so I will put my thinking cap on, if you want me to.

  4. I suppose you would want me to set the theme for #19, so I will put my thinking cap on, if you want me to.

    We do indeed FEEG… that’s the prize (penalty!) for winning. 🙂

  5. John if you do visit the memorial just go past it and take the next turn on the right towards the cliff edge, about half a mile along is a really nice little cafe (not posh) but the view is spectacular.
    Then from there back to Hawkinge and the Battle of Britain museum, then down to the sands and fish market at Folkestone (all done up at last) and the Old Smoke House fish and chips. Yummee.

  6. Well deserved win, FEEG, and congratulations.

    John, I did enjoy your amusing comments on all the entries, and I think “assorted Elvii” was quite delightful. (Huge smiley thing)

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