Centre nul point

My Court informant (more sauce than source, as you might imagine) has always impressed on me that members of the Firm never, ever complain or explain. A word in the right ear always suffices to set the record straight, One understands.

So the continuing antics of Princess Anne’s son-in-law must be sending shock-waves along the corridors of Buck House and eliciting epic observations from The Grand Duke. First he got ratted in public. Second he indulged in public slap and tickle with an old flame. Third he was economical with the verite about his movements after said romp, when reporting back to his manager. Fourth, most recently, he announced that he has been singled out as a scape-goat for England’s rugby flop down-under. The implication is that it’s the RFU’s fault that he behaved badly. Doh!

It would be uncharitable to suggest that the oaf is a worthy successor to generations of Hooray Henrys with royal pretensions. Wouldn’t it?

Author: Janus

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7 thoughts on “Centre nul point”

  1. As regards the Royal Family and the succession he is as much relevant as you are. The difference is that when you get pissed, the press doesn’t comment on it. Smiley thingy.


  2. Hi Janus.

    Not his fault that Zara fancied him and drew the attentions of the media upon him The good thing is that the divine Zara does not regard herself as a part of the Firm or seek to take any more out of the connection than can be avoided, in my opinion. I believe her to be a thoroughly sound chip off the solid block of joy that is her Mum. He, however, is an utter yob. It’s the Gloucester thing,

    Doesn’t stop me still wanting him to be future Prince of Scotland in one particular alternate universe, of course.


    Still displacing. I’ll be with you all with a photographic result at some point.

  3. What are your views on the Danish royal family?

    PS On second thoughts perhaps not. You may take it as read.

  4. The Danish Royal Family has been greatly improved by the addition of a beaut Shelia from Tassie, who is now the Crown Princess.

    She’s as popular here as Kate – or perhaps more so. 🙂

  5. christinaosborne :

    What are your views on the Danish royal family?

    PS On second thoughts perhaps not. You may take it as read.

    CO, since you asked: leaving aside the fundamental principle implied by hereditary monarchy, the Danish lot are as ‘human’ and eccentric as the Windsors, with the major difference that they are as poor as church mice now introducing marsupials into their genes, as Bearsy points out.

    It is unfortunate that any brains inherited by the latest generation went to the second son instead of the Crown Prince, who does no work but travels around with or without the fragrant Mary, living off the goodwill of his ‘friends’. As rôle models go, somewhat worse than the Princes Will and Harry.

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