19th Photographic Competition

After my stunning, but totally fortuitous, triumph in the previous Photographic Competition, I believe it behoves me to suggest a theme for the next one and pronounce judgement upon everyone’s efforts.

In order to allow the next competition setter (mug) to organise a Chrimbo theme, if they so wish, I propose that the deadline is Wednesday 21st December.

Since it has long been an interest of mine, I suggest the theme of “Flight”. Any variation on the theme will do, planes, balloons, airships, birds, insects, kites, old, new, you name it, as long as it is capable of getting into the air.

Just to get the ball rolling, but doubly disqualified because it is (a) displayed by me and (b) because it is not mine, here is a new aircraft under development.

Augusta-Westland AW609
Things to come?

So, come on chaps and chappesses. Get clicking or rummaging through the archives!

Entries in the comments section, as usual.

23 thoughts on “19th Photographic Competition”

  1. Howzit FEEG

    Here’s one, our departure from Heathrow was delayed because of the BA crash landing from India

    I think that the plane glided in on the Friday but by Sunday afternoon the idiots at Heathrow hadn’t cleared up the mess, our departure was delayed by perhaps 3 hours, we arrived in Jhb, missed our connections and spent perhaps 10 hours at Jhb waiting for a flight.

    I kept telling the children that it was a small price to pay for that brave pilot to bring the plane from India in without any casualties, but how I longed to be home, then I saw this…

    Ever spent 10 hours in an airport with children who haven’t bathed or slept properly for 2 days, they just want to get home, don’t understand why the terminal won’t put Cartoon Network on their TV’s?

  2. OK, FEEG, I’ll have a search. If I become desperate which may be a distinct possibility, I’ll sacrifice a chicken carcass, sling it on the lawn and see what happens, red kite wise.

    If this cunning ploy doesn’t work, you will have to settle for a distant speck in the sky, which is about as close as I have got so far!

  3. Araminta :

    I haven’t managed a kite yet, but meanwhile, how about a moth?

    I should point out that kites can be of the avian or fabric variety 🙂

  4. That’s lovely, Ara. Mine’s not a new one, so I shall have to take another to compete properly. I’ve shown this butterfly wing before!

  5. Thank you, Nym. I have to confess I took this a couple of months ago. More shots here

    You have seen it before I think, but I haven’t published them here!

    🙂 FEEG. I haven’t managed a photo of either variety yet, but I’m still working on it!

  6. I was ‘capable of getting into the air’, once upon a long time ago … this was the semi-final, I think, of the 1st UK Armoured Division rugby competition and I was playing for 1 UK Div Signals Regiment against the Div Army Air Corps. I had a good pass in those days … quick, flat, accurate … sigh!

  7. three more days. I may have to let the butterfly wing stand as my entry as I haven’t snapped anything much recently that can fly….

  8. Had a trawl and this is the best I can do, FEEG, beer can chicken (inspired by Araminta @ #4. Don’t think LW’s bald eagle is going to be impressed. 😦


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