House hunting

“A room with a view…and you….dah dah dahdahdahdah dah!” Isn’t that top of the list of priorities? Mrs J and I are on the move again because of the Count’s (spelling optional) plan to erect three 500-ft. wind-turbines in the field next-door – as I reported some time back. So we have to give up our ‘Hansel and Gretel’ lookalike with its idyllic half-acre and go – but where?

Well! Not too far away because the local progeny quite like us around but far enough to escape the windmill problems – ‘ours’ is only one of eleven such sites to be blighted on our little island! So at present we are thinking ‘town’ and ‘water’ which leads us naturally to villas (as they are known hereabouts) built maybe 90 years ago in the choice areas of what were then new towns next to the ‘sounds’ between islands.

Luckily Danish house prices are about half the equivalent British values and building codes here are relatively strict, with insulation, double-glazing, district heating and reliable plumbing as standard in towns. With the market here as flat as elsewhere in Europe, the choice is very wide and the opportunities for bargains very real. We tried out an offer the other day and were ‘accepted’ at 35% off the valuation! (Of course we ask ourselves whether we can ever sell here – but the signs are positive!)

So today it’s off again to listen to all that agentspeak and nose aound other people’s places. Let’s hope not for too long; it can get a bit wearing when you really don’t want to go.

Author: Janus

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11 thoughts on “House hunting”

  1. We decided to move last year – but had to go to the UK and the State Government doubled the stamp duty to stimulate the market. Don’t even ask – if that’s their idea of economic sense no wonder we are in a mess.

    We will try again later.

    One wouldn’t get away with making an offer here and withdrawing from it – the procedure is designed to stop people making false bids.

    Sounds, to me, like you may have problems selling. Those windmills might well reduce your property to well below 35% of asking price.

    Good Luck!

  2. Shame you can’t find a nest in your garden containing a threatened species of rare dickie bird that would be at risk from flailing scythes. If you did the twitchers would be out in force to block the windmills, any exotic bird shops near you?

  3. Well one doesn’t seem to be able to give away a normal house let alone a blighted one, good luck, you will need it!

  4. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a bird, omg. The noise these things make could disturb rare newts, toads, bats -got a garden pond or a belfry, Janus? Your suggestion opens up a wide range of possibilities, omg.

  5. Oh dear, Janus, what a pity, it’s such an attractive house in a perfect setting: well except for the dreaded wind-turbines of course!

    The best of luck with the selling, it would appear that you do have a fair bit of choice in the same area, but I hope you do not have to reduce the selling price of yours too dramatically.

  6. The Windmill Resistance Movement hereabouts has mobilised all the forces of nature and her protectors – including the twitchers who track migratory bird species, some of which appear to use ‘our’ heighbouring field as staging post.

    From the Schadenfreude-abteilung, the Count’s safari park inhabitants are unlikely to approve of the noise or the flashing lights and shadows – but hey! he’s only in it for the loot.

  7. sheona :

    Doesn’t necessarily need to be a bird, omg. The noise these things make could disturb rare newts, toads, bats -got a garden pond or a belfry, Janus? Your suggestion opens up a wide range of possibilities, omg.

    That’s what I’m here for.

  8. The latest from the battle front:

    At one site in North Jutland the transport carrying a single ‘wing’ of a 500 ft. turbine has struck trouble – literally. It cannot manage bends and all signposts and roadside ‘obstacles’ have to be removed to allow its passage.

    One such obstacle in the case of ‘our’ mills will be….. our house, which is on a right-angled bend on the approach to the construction site. The only alternative route involves two rt-angled bends and several houses!

    Is there hope here, I ask myself?

  9. Such a shame, Janus, to leave your lovely house and garden.

    I’ve only seen one of these monstrosities, huge and chillingly alien.

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