November Creative Writing Winner

It has become customary for the competition adjudicator to begin with a laudatory paragraph about each submission, highlighting their best features – and a very civilised custom it is, too.

However, the entries for November are of such a uniformly excellent standard that I have decided to throw custom and convention out of the window.   Instead, I shall highlight the few blemishes I uncovered, since it was the only way I could find to discriminate between such superb essays – my initial reaction was to declare them all joint winners!   I hope our five skilful authors will not be unduly discombobulated by this unusual approach, and I urge them to take my remarks with at least a modicum of salt.

Taking them in chronological order of submission –

Pseu – Partnership

A sublime example of a practised, confident and inventive author’s talent, this story grabbed my attention and held it tightly until the last delicious twist.   I regret to say I could only find two things about which I could carp and criticise –

  • the low moral tone – oh, such goings-on – and
  • the unfortunate and inappropriate choice of name for the dastardly accountant – mischievous, Pseu!

The Royalist – The Brush Travelogue

A wonderful romp in the very best traditions of authors who write wonderful romps.  Beaut plot, and is it wholly unbelievable?   Real life is sometimes stranger than fiction.   Once again, I could only unearth a measly two items to moan about –

  • I would have been amused for twice as long had the story not been restricted to marginal compliance, word-count-wise.
  • Obscure Jockinese dialect.

O Zangado – Temper

An awesome vignette of rustic drama in the raw, with the deft melding of linguistic brush-strokes.   Bloody oath!   I enjoyed this from the well-drawn start to the painful dénouement.   Would you believe, I could only discover two minor factors to complain about –

  • The same miserly length problem, and
  • The sneaky, but legal, code-switching of the keywords

Araminta – Bloomers and Bodices

The emergence of the new woman from the shackles of corsetry provides a light-hearted background for the emancipation of the flapper. By scraping the barrel, I was able to uncover two minor discriminatory factoids –

  • The choice of an illustration by that well-known artist who was famed for his drawings of women with tiny, shrunken heads, and
  • The misappropriation of an iconic Australian department store and its conflation with Simpsons of Piccadilly, which actually provided the spark for Sugden, Inman and company.

Ferret – The Fog

An intriguing mixture of pragmatic council politics with bachelor bacchanalia, I was genuinely impressed by Ferret’s real-life, fully grounded snapshot of life in the urban jungle.   I confess that I could only find one solitary slip to add to my list of whoopsies –

  • The closing sentence is missing an apostrophe (which I stoically declined to insert). 🙂

The Winner

Since it would be out of place to declare all five Charioteers the winner, I have sweated long and hard over the keyboard, gazed at the eternal verisimilitudes, drunk copious coffees on the smoking terrace with Boadicea and finally decided that the winner is –


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

18 thoughts on “November Creative Writing Winner”

  1. Woo Hoo,

    Thanks that Bear. I am one very honoured mustelid.

    Looking at the standard I was up against I honestly assumed I was well out of the running. ‘specially after the missing apostrophe, a crime punishable by a slow and protracted literary death around these parts under any other circumstances. 🙂

    I shall have to give this some small furry thought. I seem to remember winning November last year too because I ended up writing a Fairytale of New York story anyway for the hell of it.

    I suppose a poll might be in order, is everyone OK with submitting a December entry? I seem to recall a lot of folk were very busy what with getting the house ready for Santa and all.

  2. And thanks to my fellow charioteers for your kind comments.

    Hugh, so glad to see you have decided to come home. None the worse for your stay at MyTerror Towers I trust?

  3. Bloody hell! That was scary logging in just now to be faced by an expanded Ferret avatar. Well done Ferret for a super yarn and thank you Bearsy for the constructive criticism. I look forward to a furry December challenge.


  4. Ferret :

    And thanks to my fellow charioteers for your kind comments.

    Hugh, so glad to see you have decided to come home. None the worse for your stay at MyTerror Towers I trust?

    Thank you, Furry. Glad to be back….and front, of course.

  5. Well judged, and well done Ferret.

    Yes, I’d be up for a competition in December.

    Bearsy, I admit I am puzzled by this, “the unfortunate and inappropriate choice of name for the dastardly accountant – mischievous, Pseu!” It was a name out of thin air and I know not to what you refer….

  6. Well done Ferret – great to see your avatar enlarged, I have no idea it was such a cute picture

    A great competition, well done all.

  7. Hurray and many congratulations to Furry for a cracking tale!

    Thanks to Bearsy for the judging of this competition, and yes, I plead guilty to the “two minor discriminatory factoids”, albeit I didn’t have a clue about the iconic Australian Department Store. 🙂

    Other than that, I did do some research for the background to my story, but obviously not enough! 😉

  8. Araminta

    When I first came to Oz, there was a department store chain called ‘Grace Brothers’. It was even then, I think, part of the Myers Group and all the former Grace Brothers have had a name change to Myers. But, it was certainly a bit of a shock initially!

    One of our biggest supermarkets here is called Woolworths – nothing whatsoever to do with the now defunct UK Woolies. I’m not sure that many Ozzies know that the UK Woolworths existed!

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