RIP Tocino

Tocino has passed away – he died last Wednesday, the 21st.

Boadicea has been in regular contact with Toc, so we were aware of his ill health, which he did not wish to be made public.   Around the beginning of this month he was told that he had six months to live, but in his last e-mail – a couple of weeks ago –  he mentioned that he had been receiving extra treatment.

Tocino was an excellent blogger and a good cyber-friend.    We shall miss him greatly.

Our heartfelt sympathy to his wife and family.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

31 thoughts on “RIP Tocino”

  1. This is very sad news Bearsy. I did know of Toc’s illness, and just how poorly he was.
    He was a friend to us all, and we’ll remember him, and his posts with deep affection.

    God bless you Doug.


  2. I did not even know he was ill and was hoping he would one day visit The Cave as he was nearby in Spain last year. I shall miss him and send my sincere condolences to his family.


  3. Very sad news.

    RIP Toc and sincere condolences to his family.

    Thank you for letting us know, Bearsy. I noticed that he hadn’t been active recently in cyberspace.
    It will seem very strange without him.

  4. That is sad news indeed. Toc was a regular here, always up for a joke and staunch in defence of his friends both here and from his past. We both shared work experience at the Old Bailey though from different employers. It is an odd feelling to miss someone even though one has never met, but that is exactly how it is when comradeship is built up on sites likes this. Thanks for telling us Bearsy. Perhaps Boadicea can relate a message from Charioteers to the family.

  5. Guys, take a look at the 16th Photo competition and Toc’s entry. i can imagine him sitting on this bench right now in the sunshine with the sleeping cats behind him!

  6. Sad news indeed.

    Toc and I had a ‘special relationship’ since the early days, he was well traveled but what did always come across in our many discussions was his love for Africa.

    I’m delighted that in his final year he managed his Cape Town, Battlefields and Safari holiday, a trip he so obviously enjoyed and wrote about.

    I’ll miss him, we’ll all miss him, condolences to Mrs. Toc and the family.

    Algoa Bay
    Eastern Cape
    South Africa

  7. A sad day and no mistake.

    Came as quite a shock this, I had no idea he was in ill health. Reminds me of another great blogger, The Bulletin. Two totally different styles, TB was open about his condition and Doug obviously believed his was a private matter.

    Not sure which of the two was worse, logging on and thanking the maker that TB was around for at least 1 more day or logging on and reading about Doug out of the blue.

    My heartfelt condolences to Doug’s nearest and dearest of course, and to all you Charioteers who I am sure, feel the loss.

    I will raise a glass to Tocino tonight and hope he has phat broadband wherever he is now. Sniff.

  8. I am shocked to hear this. As you may know I met with Toc and his wife this time last year. We had a very pleasant few drinks together. He was a warm and charming man. I had realised by some of the things he alluded to that he was not well, but had absolutely no idea it was that critical. RIP.

  9. There are some who dismiss the cyber-world as being ‘unreal’ and say that the people that one ‘meets’ are not real people… Ferret mentioned The Bulletin, who would often joke that we were all only pixels dancing across his screen – he did admit, at the end, that that was not true.

    I ‘met’ Tocino, as I did a number of people here, in the very, very early days of MyT. I’m not quite sure how I began corresponding with him – but I’m very pleased that I did.

    While I appreciated his sense of humour – it was his ability to let go of disagreements and, as PG said, his staunch defence of friends that I appreciated most.

    Farewell to a real person and a real friend – RIP Tocino.

  10. That was a bit of a body blow. I’ll miss him, too. My condolences to Toc’s family – we’ve all lost a little something with his passing.

  11. A sad day. I also knew Toc. from the few better days at MyT and of course always considered him an honorary Welshman, I shall miss his generous praise for my feeble literary efforts. Go in peace soldier.

  12. I am very sorry to hear this sad news. In another time and another place, I often enjoyed the company of the gentleman known affectionately as ‘Toc’ on this site. I had no idea that he had been ill. We often spoke of Wales, of his interesting career and of his travels all over the world. I remember too that we once spoke about his date of birth. He was born on exactly the same day and in the same year as my father. I thus knew when it was time to wish him a happy birthday. I agree with Low Wattage that he was an honorary Welshman. He always spoke up for Wales.

    Cydymdeimladau i’r teulu.

  13. It is a bit of a shame he didn’t make it public, would have advised him not to touch Morriston hospital with a barge pole. Well known for killing more than they cure. Wales is notorious for inadequacy at diagnosing and treating cancer. A great pity.

  14. Sad news indeed. and my deepest sympathies to his family.

    I always enjoyed Toc’s/ex-partie’s contributions whether here or there. He was a right prickly so and so sometimes but then again, who isn’t? I always admired his steadfast principles and share many of them. His memories of being an army brat in Germany were special for me. His irreverent sense of humour and his readiness to wind up anybody at any time on any subject were a particular joy. As Ferret has said, he was another TB.

    I will be spending the evening going over his MyT posts. This one has already had me going a wee bit.

    I might even have a deep-fried Mars Bar in his memory. He often suggested that we Jocks lived on little else. On second thoughts, I’ll just make it a Glenfarclas and toast his memory with that instead.

    Safe home and RIP, Toc.

  15. Dreadfully sad news, he puts some super photos on ‘outdoors’ from his African trip, we will miss him, sincers condolences to his family….I remember him from the beginning of MyT…he told some wonderful jokes.

  16. This is sad news. Although, like most, only knowing toc through cyberspace it still hurts when a blogger passes away. I will miss his posts and the mighty tome of jokes that he had.

    Sincere condolences to Tocino’s family.


  17. I am so sad at hearing this news.

    His absence from Out Doors had been noted.
    Can we all continue to remember his contribution [on MyT] to the armed forces in November, it was ExP who started the trend of changing avatars to the national flag on remembrance day?

    We will remember you, Toc. RIP.x.

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