Interview with an allergy child.

My Grandson, aged 7 and  a half  (Don’t forget the half!) talking to his Mum.

What foods are you allergic to?

Dairy products

What does that mean? What can’t you eat?

I can’t eat cheese, and milk and stuff

Have you ever eaten something that had milk in it?


What happened?

I had a serious reaction, For example itching, wheezing, coughing,hives,tongue tingling, throat feels funny.

Does it scare you?

Definitely Re!

Have you ever had a bad reaction?


What happened when you started feeling bad?

I have to go to the hospital

How does it make you feel to have food allergies?


Do you ever feel sad because you can’t have stuff with milk in it?

Yes-because there is a lot of sweets with milk in it, and when Tina eats them, she tells me that they are delicious

Do your mummy and Daddy do a good job of taking care of your allergies?

Definitely Re!

What food would you like to eat when you are not allergic anymore?

Cheese pizza, ice cream and all the other stuff that I’m not allowed.

Are they good at your school about your allergies?

Definitely Re!

Do you feel safe at school? yes

Does your Mummy make George friendly food? Yes,all the things mummy makes is delicious

What is your favourite food? My favourite food?? Waffles, pancakes and English breakfast at the Nag’s Head!

Do you wish you could grow out of your allergies?Yes

What would you like to tell other kids about your allergies? Nothing

What would you like to tell you teachers about your allergies? Do not feed me dairy ever, ever, EVER!!!

How does it make you feel, when other children get treats at school that you can’t have?

Sad, because I only get my safe treats- I get the same thing every time.

How do you feel at snacktime?

I feel sad. Because everyone else has, like, smarties and all stuff that I can’t have. I wish Muma could give me stuff like chocolate and Doritos.

Is there anything else you would like to say?



I think that about says it all, really?

5 thoughts on “Interview with an allergy child.”

  1. Poor chap. A friend’s daughter has this and egg allergy, which is tough – but she’s healthy and well now as a teenager, though still can’t have these things

  2. As a baby and toddler, George was allergic to a list of things longer than my arm. He’s grown out of all of them, except milk funnily enough, the more obvious ones like eggs and nuts, were never on the list.

  3. pg, the little bugger ploughs through the full monte adult-sized breakfast + a side order of chips 🙂

    Pseu, I’d be interested in how your friend, and her daughter, cope? We are all a bit worried about the approach of the teenage years. How sensitive is your friend’s daughter? We have to wash our mouths after drinking tea – if we plant a kiss on George without cleaning up he can go into reaction 😦

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