I need a tool.

Now, now, settle down.

I have a song going round in my head and I’m blowed if I can remember what it is.  So, I thought to myself, why isn’t there a musical search engine that you can sing, hum, or whistle a tune into and find it?  But wait, I thought to myself again, the charioteers are an amazingly talented bunch, one of them will know for sure, so here’s some Bizet, I think, from Carmen, I think, so that someone can put me out of my misery.  (A capella and entirely unrehearsed…)

A video, latterly deleted by Bravo.

10 thoughts on “I need a tool.”

  1. Something you could maybe use on smartphones and tablets is called Shazam, although it is not so good at recognising classical music. Not sure if it would work on singing or humming though.

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