Saving lives

Arachnophobia afflicts two members of our household, while I’m rather fond of the eight legged scuttlers, even when they are fairly large.  So when I saw this:

on the landing I knew I had to do something. (Not a brilliant photo, but there wasn’t a lot of light and I didn’t want to frighten it with a flash.)

Using the well recognised trapping technique of jam jar and lid (in this case an ex-jar of spicy mango chutney) your intrepid spider catcher trapped the wee beastie (look at those lovely hairy legs)

and set it free, in the mint patch, saving Cyclo and Techie the trauma of having to pass it on the way upstairs.


Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

19 thoughts on “Saving lives”

  1. Huh!
    In Australia, all spiders are poisonous and are genetically programmed to kill humans. The majority of them make yours look tiny. Except for redbacks and whitebacks, which are small mobile death-traps which hide under dunny seats. Argh!!!
    The only good spider is a dead spider. 🙄

  2. Reminds me of the Huntsman we had living at our flat in Mildura…. though he was a thick legged beast.

  3. A bloody Huntsman will strangle you to death after he’s wrestled you to the floor – they’re seriously big buggers. 😥

  4. Oh come on, Pseu, I’m sure you lived in Mildura for long enough to learn that “Telling Tall Tales to Tourists” is a National Sport. Don’t give the game away! 😀

  5. Well done, Pseu! Sometimes, it takes a woman…. 😀

    I remember evenings at home when I was a kid and we’d all be watching the TV when something would make a break for it across the carpet and everyone was up on the sofas except me and dad. Moths, of course, were a different thing…

  6. Pseu – did you ever get to see the annual invasion of Canberra by Bogong moths? It’s really quite impressive – at times they do ‘darken the skies’. They’re big buggers, too.

    They’re an Aboriginal delicacy – here’s one quick link.

  7. I didn’t see that. I only went to Canberra once for a brief time.

    I notice that these delicacies are not allowed to be eaten by women. Too fattening. Have you tried them?

  8. I do not really like spiders. Most in California are generally harmless, but there are two that are very dangerous. One is the black widow, a hideous creature with the most unpleasant web. Chaotic, thick, sticky, and disjointed. The other is the brown recluse, a small spider which tends to hide in isolation, but very unpleasant when an encounter does take place. The brown recluse is somewhat worse. Where as the black widow will leave one feeling rather less than wonderful for a few days or weeks, the brown recluse injects flesh-rotting venom which will slowly turn the victim into a bag of rancid flesh before death sets in.

  9. As I’ve noted before, stone age man chose the best places to live, where tsunamis, earthquakes, crocs and poisonous spiders are rare. The overflow then forgot why.

  10. I’ll go with the only good one is a dead one any day!
    But not for spiders, or moths or any wildlife.
    Fancy having a husband that is scared of spiders!
    What on earth would he do with a bunch of junked up psycho home invaders bent on mayhem?

  11. Christopher, ‘the brown recluse injects flesh-rotting venom which will slowly turn the victim into a bag of rancid flesh before death sets in.’ – sounds disgusting. No cure?

  12. Pseu: it’s also extremely painful, I’ve known a few people who have gone through that. It also look horrible. If people see prompt medical attention the anti-venom is effective, but if people wait too long it will be too late and the best they can do is put them on a morphine drip and prepare for either cremation or a closed-casket funeral.

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