26 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site here; it is “home” for many of us from the other side. There is good writing, poetry and photography competitions, a lot of fun, some healthy political debates, lots of music postings and so I am sure you will kick in soon enough. I rarely post (if I do its usually about my 3 and a half year son Kojo whose mother is Ghanaian) but I do make comments here and there. Enjoy!

  2. G’day Julie – Welcome.

    No need to give your blog’s url, it’s automatically linked to your name in comments, and also listed on the Bogroll, near the bottom of the sidebar. 😎

  3. How much did you pay to join up? I had to send Bearsy a carton of grog cause he said everybody else had so I should send him one as well. He said he’d send me a membership number but all I got in return was the empty tinnies!!

    I’ve long suspected something but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet! 😦

  4. Julie – Donald is one of our fellow Aussies and he’s a top bloke, really. He’s absolutely harmless, I guarantee, so long as we keep his muzzle on and his lead tight. He’s had all his injections, and he’s been properly “seen to”. So if you just smile, take everything he says with a large pinch of salt, and pat him gently on the head or scratch his ears, you’ll be right! 😆

  5. Welcome Julie! It’s great fun in here. Best bribes for bearsy I find are cheese and red wine and to promise not to mention the “ashes”. 🙂

  6. Missed this last month. Welcome, Julie. I’m friendly too, as long as my ears are tickled regularly. Bilby knows the score.


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