The Rime of the Nascent Maunderer

‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. The muse took me, here is: –

The Rime of the Nascent Maunderer

It is a nascent Maunderer
And he stoppeth on MyT
“My God you’re weird” they all did cry,
“Is this a ‘pop’ at me”?

“The blogrooms pores may open wide,
But we are of thick skin,
We”ll best you yet, you’ll soon regret,
Deciding to come in”.

He scolds them all this MyT band,
“You’re in for it”, quoth he.
“Sod off, you’re crazy you buffoon”.
“Poltroons”, came back from he.

He holds them, twittering forbye,
All MyT best do chill,
They listen to his ramblings wild,
Till Maunderer is still.

The MyT best with hearts of stone,
Let out a mighty cheer,
But on he spake this nascent man,
No tongue-tied maunder ‘ere.

(To be continued – well perhaps not!)

Author: Peter

Web researcher

8 thoughts on “The Rime of the Nascent Maunderer”

  1. With all due respect, young Peter, Charioteers are unlikely to require explanations of common words – we are a cerebral bunch. 😎

    However, good to see another poet. You might like to join the current poetry competition, and perhaps look back at the previous ones. No obligation, though.

  2. What to include, and the intended meaning was a dilemma Bearsy! They weren’t included in the original, but to be honest it has taken me while to work out how to access this site, so I wasn’t sure what would happen to the post. I have a WP site but still can’t work out how to post from ‘it’ to here?

  3. No worries, Peter, you’re doing great.
    If you add your blog url to your profile, your name and gravatar here will be automatically linked to it – if you want to, that is. Then we can add you to the “Authors BogRoll”.

    Update – I took a guess which proved to be correct, so your blog is already listed. 😎

  4. Haw, PB. Good to see you over here as well as over there.

    Rubbish definition of ‘forbye’, forbye. In Jockspeak, it is not that rare and it means ‘besides’, or ‘by the way’, forbye.

    I trust that you will be re-introducing us all to the joys of the gerund and gerundive etc.

    I still miss BeanBean.

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