January Creative Writing Competition

This one comes with the time of year. January is the month of the keeper of gates as the year turns yet again. Janus,  the god of the month,  is, as we all know well, a two-faced deity.

So, could we please have a work of whatever length you wish and in whatever genre you choose  on the theme of looking forward or looking back?

A while since we’ve had  prescribed words and you can thank Mrs M for these ones. She was having a girls’ liquid lunch today and I interrupted the three of them and the two bottles of Chardonnay involved  to ask for such words.  They are:-

‘party’, ‘permanent’ and ‘accident’.

Not essential if you choose not  to work  them into your effort but I have to warn you that I will give serious weight to their creative use in the event of a tie.

The deadline is 12 midnight GMT on 31st January 2011.

Entries to Date – please click on the author’s name to read their entry

Janus – ‘ A Permanent Reminder’

Araminta – ‘The Political Wife’

The Royalist – ‘Canvasses and Mattresses’

Pseu – ‘Perfect Conkers’

OZ – ‘Mores! O Mores! (II)’

17 thoughts on “January Creative Writing Competition”

  1. The three words pretty quickly have suggested a theme for me…. but not sure how to proceed

  2. Morning Mr Mackie. You’ve finished with all your Bank Holidays now? 😉

    Must have a go at this. I missed the last comp.

    Reminds me of this…

  3. I’m unusually ahead of myself this month, John. I rarely even think about it at this point, but I may even have time to do another entry; not promising anything though. 🙂

    There is still, by my standards anyway, oodles of time!

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