CW comp – Mores! O Mores! (II)

Some of you were intrigued last year as to the fate of the lovely Sarah.

This is her story.

Sarah sat sobbing quietly in her mother’s dressing room in the ancestral home of the Lord Lieutenant of the County, wilting and feeling exposed and vulnerable all at once. “What possessed you, Sarah?” “What were you thinking?” Sarah huddled even lower in her chair as her Mother’s withering gaze turned on her from the immaculately manicured lawns and flowerbeds beyond the window.

“How could you?”

Sarah folded hers arms protectively over her lap and took a shuddering breath. “Yes”, she wondered to herself, “How could I?”

“I don’t know, Mummy. It was at that party at Robin’s last May. There was chanpagne and Robin was so insistent and……” Her voice trailed off into silence.

“Well, your decision, such as it was, has permanent consequences for your future, as do ours. Your father is announcing publicly that his daughter will be attending finishing school in Geneva, but you will go to Aunt Maude in Somerset for your confinement. The baby will be put up for adoption. After that you may return here. However, your father is speaking to Robin’s father in the morning and you shall not see him again. At the end of term next week he will leave the school and be sent to Australia to complete his education. Perhaps hard work and discipline will cure him of his current irresponsibility.”

“But Mummy”, she pleaded desperately, “Tomorrow is the House cricket finals. Robin is captain of Forbisher’s. I have to be there, even if only to say goodbye.” The mother’s heart softened, slightly. “Maybe. I’ll discuss this with your father.”

The next day, as Robin’s innings finished he walked from the crease towards her. “Hello, Sassie darling. You look gorgeous.” “ Robin, we have to talk.”  “Sure, but I have to see the Beak for some reason. Right now. I’ll be back in a jiffy. Meet you in the orchard.”

She found a seat and sat waiting patiently amidst the budding fruit, the irony of which did not escape her. Before long he appeared and slumped down beside her on the bench, head in his hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know myself until a couple of days ago. Robin, darling, it was an accident. Nobody is to blame, least of all you.”

“But, I’m ruined.. I’ve been sacked.. I have to leave School.

“Well, what about me? Don’t believe what they say about finishing school. I’m being banished to Somerset and then they want the child adopted if I want to come back.”

“There’s no coming back for me, that’s for sure.”

“Perhaps not for me either”


“Don’t. Please don’t. Goodbye, Robin”

A few days later Sarah was sitting on a train to Somerset. She sat slumped in the corner seat, forehead pressed against the cold glass of the window. Had she looked up she would have seen overhead the contrail of the BOAC jet that carried Robin into exile.


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

6 thoughts on “CW comp – Mores! O Mores! (II)”

  1. Bolleaux. Bearsy, Sir, please could you fix the link for me and tell me where I’m going wrong. A similar problem happened yesterday too.


    Done – B.

  2. THank you, Sir. That’s exacxtly what I wanted to show. Please email or show the HTML as I have to publish the Photo Comp results shortly.



  3. O Zangado :

    THank you, Sir. That’s exacxtly what I wanted to show. Please email or show the HTML as I have to publish the Photo Comp results shortly.



    Hi Oz.

    You can see the HTML if you go into “Edit” this post and switch from “visual” to “HTML”.

    If this is as clear as mud, then Bearsy’s link may be the better option.

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