6 thoughts on “Is this a first?”

  1. No, it is not a first; it has been done before. Please feel free to produce your own “innocuous comments” if you feel the need to do so.

    We are encouraged to moderate our own posts, I am going to bed, so this is one way of doing so.
    I have, by the way, left your last post on mine, against my better judgement, I have to say.

    Good night.

  2. Not to worry, I kept a copy. I will in all probability repost on one of my blogs. You are wrong of course, it did have a relevance to your blog.
    I have kept a copy of this as well. 
    Wonderful, Toc.

    What exactly is your agenda here?
    Free and unfettered speech!

    Good, perhaps you could reinstate that part of my comment? By comparison, this blog gets an easy ride here. You do not like anyone who disagrees with you as as been pointed out by others. That is my point along with your manipulation of the comments of other bloggers. As I said, that is an abuse of this site!

    Not necessarily in the correct order.

  3. Tocino

    This is not the first post that has been closed to comments and any Author has the right to do this as owner of his / her posts – in the same way that they may delete all or part of any comments that appear on their posts – regardless of whether the commenter or any other person thinks the reasons are valid.

    I am not happy about the closure of the post, since there are comments addressed to me that I must answer. I could, of course, re-open it, post my response, and then close it again. But, I would consider that to be breaking the rules myself – and I’m not prepared to do that.

    So sorry, Tocino, this is one of the less welcome side-effects of empowering Authors to deal with their own posts. 🙂

  4. Cheers Boa,

    For me it is not a big deal. The author of the blog appeared to have dug a hole for herself out of which she couldn’t climb out of. I think Bearsy’s and your last comments on her blog accurately deals with the problem.


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