Darts Hill

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Some pictures of a private garden owned by Surry City Council.  Sorry, Surrey Vancouver! Last weekend our garden club went on one of our organised trips to Canada for a docent led tour of this garden in the Fraser valley which is not open to the public, a very warm spot.  Pity the docent didn’t know her stuff, not very knowledgeable about the species, poor lady just her luck to pull a garden club rather than any old disparate bunch!  A lovely day, an excellent lunch and a walk around an arboretum in the afternoon and no aggravation at the border.  The border guards always seem to have real trouble with the fact that people actually go across International borders to see gardens, seem incapable of actually getting their heads round it conceptually and asking stupid questions like why!


Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

8 thoughts on “Darts Hill”

  1. Marvellous.
    not sure about that citrussy yellow-green euphorbia in front of the mahonia,

  2. I would imagine that no aggravation at the border means that your “eccentricity” has been sussed as not a serious threat.

    Lovely photos and well worth the trip, I would say.

  3. I had to look up docent, BTW. Never come across the word before.

    1. A teacher or lecturer at some universities who is not a regular faculty member.
    2. A lecturer or tour guide in a museum or cathedral.

  4. CO, I’d like to be a fly on the border wall when you answer the question ‘why?’!

  5. Janus, I unfortunately got creative!
    Looked him in the eye and said that we were on a day outing from the Everson brothel.
    Caused hysterical entertainment in the vehicle, four women and one man and the poor sod in the booth didn’t know what to do with himself! (We are all in our 50s and 60s and a more unlikely crop of brothel occupants could not be found, we would have to specialise in octogenarians!)

    Everson is so small it only has two bars let alone a brothel. I was hoping desperately that he would ask where it was, he resisted damn it. is get so tired of their utterly silly questions asked of such as myself, why not go and persecute some wogs who look capable of jihad?

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