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I don’t know if Boadicea or Bearsy has deleted the comments on MY post, I certainly didn’t. I don’t intend to create a drama but I’m angry.

Next time you talk about freedom of speech (not my cup of tea)or hypocrsy or “talking  about message not the messenger” please think again before opening your mouth.

Yes, my English is not good, but mocking it is so poor. Kind of The Club’s tactics. As I said to them it’s a pathetic way of admission of you have nothing to say about what I say. (Please don’t say you what I say is imprehensible, or I don’t get what you say).
I asked you if we were your guests here to which you replied “No”. But you many times implied (or expressed directly) that this is your site. Fair enough. Why act like the other way round?

You don’t have to like me. I’d expect you would say that directly rather than beating around the bush.

Author: Levent

Errrm, ummm, well. Darn!

2 thoughts on “More like MyT”

  1. There have been some slightly odd comments and deletions today, Levent … perhaps for reasons we don’t know about.

    Anyway, you shouldn’t flounce.

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