Slightly intrigued

Does anyone else look at the stuff at the bottom of the page on the dashboard? The fastest growing blogs, latest posts, that stuff?

I do sometimes and I have yet to see any post from this page or any of the others linked to here. I was wondering about the fastest growing ones, so took a look at a few. None that made me want to read on, but one had a hits counter, 8,175 it said. So I looked back here and this page has many more hits.

So how does that work?

Author: Isobel

I like animals, colour, the Thames, reading, cooking, writing, eating, walking. I don't like bullies, butchers' shops, crowded public transport, Nigel Farage.

7 thoughts on “Slightly intrigued”

  1. Please Ferret, don’t mention “growing bogs”, I’m sort of sensitive after my escapade in the stuff;-)) sorry, only joking matey. Not sure what I’m doing still, but I’ll have a look.

  2. Hmm, all sort there….
    “My blog about Kubuntu and KDE-ish things” being one that went straight over my head. (Jonathan’s blog)

  3. Back in the Wild West days of MyT, there were one or two IDs to whom th eblog count and comments ratings were more important than life itself.

    A certain HWMNBN took to inventing over 30 multiple IDs purely to have elaborate conversations with himself and up the comments rating of his tedious, coma inducing blogs.

    I suspect a similar level of skullduggery is afoot with the figures you have stumbled across I&C.

    Figures are subject to fudge and therefore mean very little. Bit like statistics really. Lies, damn lies and statistics eh?

  4. Yeh but ferret we have more hits here than on those blogs and we’ve not been around ling, so how come we are not in the fastest growing section? HWMNBN? He who must not be named? Have I got it? So who was he?

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