22 thoughts on “Palindrome”

  1. So it is. I knew when I woke up that today would be special. I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going but today, who cares?

  2. Nice one OZ,

    But the whole thread seems to have drifted away from Ms Palin.

    Can we all just concentrate on the matter in hand please?

  3. Ferret – she supports the hunting of wolves and is therefore beyond the Pale(in) 😦


  4. I assume a ‘Hockey Mum’ is the Alaskan equivilent of a ‘Chav’? I can only guess Soutie’s picture is of her Mdme Tussaud’s manikin. The last time I saw her on the ‘news reels’, she was gutting fish on the quay side in between battering seals.

    Michael Palin might make a better comparison, at least he passed the odd date/time line, whereas that stuff seems to have passed Alaska clean by.

  5. Touché OZ,

    But if ferrets were threatening a village or being a danger to livestock, I would see nothing wrong with a little herd management as it were.

  6. Evil rats on no star live!

    But some of them have found their way to Westminster!

  7. Or as I remarked the other day at my annual check-up:

    Doc, note, I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.

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