Questioning the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949

I have given some thought to how I can promote my new political reference database and give my full support to the blogging content and community here at Definitely Not MyT (DNMT or ‘Dynamite’, as I fondly refer to the acronym!).

I therefore intend to post a short notice of new political blog content here, with a link to my site and a related blog for those interested in serious political debate about issues of UK political reform.

Any non-political blogging will be done here directly.

Release information:

New content has been added covering the UK Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 and related political reference information; for those interested in them and their content and their effects on the British Constitution.

The Blog: “Questioning the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949“, is now also available for comment.

The content of the blog and supporting site reference material can be found at:

Political blogs will be copied over to this site after a week or so of exclusive preview and then will be available for general comment, discussion or ridecule. I will try to leave links thereafter leading to this location from  elsewhere after that. This means original content will still appear here, so you won’t miss it (as if, you’d care to! LOL!)

I intend to support this as the main blogging site for the ‘Dynamite’ community, waifs and strays. My site isn’t designed to compete or act as ‘Blog Central’.

Author: Paul

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4 thoughts on “Questioning the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949”

  1. Just read it, Paul, and found it interesting. Not a subject I can remember much about. I’ll have a look at your reference material.

    How on earth do you find the time to do all this? Just an idle question and I don’t require, or expect a detailed answer, BTW 😉

  2. Minty, I multi-task. I am generally doing two or three things at once, but that is how I like it. When we get a quite moment, I simply ‘blitz’.

    You can tell when I am stressed, the spelling goes out of the window…

    I know politics is a dull subject, but I believe our loss of democracy is of key importance. Preserving freedoms for future generations and ensuring a better life for all is no bad thing. In the UK things have gone very wrong and I simply wish to help people see that and find solutions in fixing the framework. I don’t take a particular view in the sense of party loyalty, I simply believe we must do what is right.

    Have fun!

  3. Thanks Paul. I don’t think politics is a dull subject, at all. It is just not one of my priorities at the moment. I’m rather more enmeshed in things local and domestic, but that it probably an age thing. I sometimes feel I should be more involved, but there isn’t time for everything.

    I already spend more than enough time on blogging than I should, but tend to veer towards the creative writing element, although I haven’t even found time to do that for months. I’m prepared to do a certain amount of research for a blog, but inevitably get called away to something else, so tend to keep it fairly simple. In other words, I suppose I don’t take it that seriously.

  4. Minty,

    It is okay to have other priorities. I understand. We all need to have a life! In the end, I simply would like our political system to be more accessible to people, more representative, more accountable, less corrupt and more cost effective to taxpayers. I know it is too much to ask, but you have to start with an ideal negotiating position!

    I am pleased you find this stuff interesting and I am very happy for anyone (of any level of competency) to discussion these things. They are or can be of interest to more or less anyone.

    I promise NOT to be the site ‘Hemmett’.

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