Remember ‘Girl in a Swing’?

It was a book by Richard Adams before he started talking to bunnies (furry variety). She lives in Copenhagen where she does it in the nude, even with snow on the ground.  These Danish girls, eh?

7 thoughts on “Remember ‘Girl in a Swing’?”

  1. V,

    While we can all appreciate the female form, is it truly art?

    Iconic, even admirable yes, but art, no. I happen to think that if this is art they would be auctioning ‘Playboy magazine’ at Sotherby’s.

    I happened to see the Kate Moss Golden Statue entitled ‘Siren’ by Marc Quinn in the British Museum last year (quite by chance). It was not a very attractive piece. Sometimes I think sculptures do this just to get their hands dirty!

  2. Oh dear, Paul. Mrs J had best not hear you! Of course it’s art but obviously not to your taste as such. How is it different in kind from a nude painting or photograph?

  3. Well, it’s a discussion point for starters, which is as intended. 🙂

    I can appreciate art, which is creative, but is a reproduction of something every day really art?

    This is where we get into discussions about Brickwalls, why is the statute naked? Is it necessary? Is there some kind of hidden meaning, or is it just what it is? All very deep.

    If I replaced it with a traffic cone would that be art?

    I like to understand what it means.

    There was a very interesting programme on the ten essential components of art, not so long ago (BBC2 sometime in October) and that was fascinating becaue it made sense of true art and gave it a set of ”unwritten rules’ which made sense. I would have liked to have had a copy of the programme, it was that good Can I remember them now? Er… no. But they were things like perspective and expression and so on, rather than any particular object or style. Very, very interesting with examples in different art forms. Of course, it wasn’t about nudes.

    Perhaps you can explain more about this form of art? It is probably too literal an interpretation for my appreciation or taste; as you say more akin to a photograph.

    Did you view it in Copenhagen recently. I hear that have some wonderful sculpures? I have been to Sweden many times but only briefly in Denmark and never long enough to have a look around.

  4. It’s stll me, with my boarish aspect. There is a Scandinavian tradition of nude sculptures, especially at a park in Oslo (name escapes me). Art quite often ‘celebrates’ – this time it’s the human form. Being wed to an artist/architect I often get to see stuff, some to my taste, most not!

  5. I once went to a Picasso exhibition – which I left in disgust. As far as I’m concerned anyone who sees people the way Picasso depicts them should be locked away in an asylum… 🙂

  6. I know what you mean.

    I really can’t figure a pile of bricks, an unmade bed or a Damien Hurst animal suspended in thermaldyhyde.

    I reckon you can get away with B*llsh*t as an artist and some clearly do. On the other hand there are some wonder works from some brilliantly creative people, whether they are to your taste or not.

    I recommend the Prada in Madrid, it has a wonderful collection, originally a private collection in Switzerland that goes through the whole spectrum of the development of art from early Medieval and the Renaissance right up to 20th Century Impressionist.

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