I don’t believe it!

Why on earth does Australia interrupt a major international sporting event, leaving two of the world’s top tennis players sitting on the sidelines for 10 minutes, getting cold and stiffening up, for a firework display? I’m referring to the match between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament.ย  A little reorganisation next time perhaps?

I’m now wondering what is in store for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Now there is to be no refueling of cars ย during the race, perhaps a coffee break to refuel the drivers?

8 thoughts on “I don’t believe it!”

  1. Sorry Sheona, I’ve been too tied up with the cricket to notice what was happening in the tennis. But you must remember that Aussies love their fireworks. One display will frequently cost $1m or more. And today is Australia Day, so be kind to us, please! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Perhaps the organisers had realised that the tennis was boring, we had it on at our local, Nadel retired halfway through the 3rd set.

    Maybe the organisers wanted to give the paying spectators their money’s worth!

  3. I enjoy tennis, but I prefer playing it.

    Cricket isn’t fast enough for me. I am told to appreciate it properly you need to watc it live.

    Grand Prix (again live) or Rugger (which interestingly I prefer watching with a commentary on a screen) are more interesting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. No, Soutie, the tennis was not boring at all. The firework display was because it was Australia Day, as Bearsy said, and the tournament organisers knew the noise would distract the players. The idea of an earlier or later start to avoid clashing with the fireworks obviously didn’t occur to them.

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