The Great Gravatar mystery! S.A. to the rescue?

As you know I’m a veritable Pooh when it comes to techie stuff.

I have replaced my handsome mugshot with a pic of our local Dom in my profile but my mugshot won’t go away!


30 thoughts on “The Great Gravatar mystery! S.A. to the rescue?”

  1. I’ll hazard a guess.

    Not many changes on here are retrospective, members have changed names, but their initial comments remain under the old ‘screen name.’ I assume it is the same with other things.

    The Myt website goes and grabs info as and when a page loads, I have a feeling that everything on here is ‘stored’

    The only way to get your mugshot off of the respective pages would be to have the comment deleted by the author or moderator.

  2. That’s odd… I changed my avatar and it took a bit of a while to change, but eventually it did.

  3. No idea.

    I see that the Aussies are giving the Pakis a bit of hammering at the moment, with a bit of luck they’ll wrap up the game quickly and the Bear will come and sort it out.

    I intend changing my pic to the one that I’m more familiar with, if I have time to get round to it shortly will keep you posted.

  4. Hey, the Pakis rallied darn well, but we eventually bowled them out for 246. It was a cracking game.

    I’ve no idea why the gravatars haven’t changed – when Boadicea and I changed ours it only took 5 or possibly 10 minutes before everything stabilised.

    I hesitate to say this, but are you both sure you actually changed? We found that the last step was to select the new image on a page that showed both. No, OK, only asked! πŸ™‚

    PS. What’s a “Dom”? “Dirty old man”? Russian for house?

  5. I changed mine and it didn’t take very long at all, but there was a message to say that it would be associated with my email address cyber-wide, although this doesn’t seem to have happened. I could have misread it though. It was rather the wrong end of the day for concentrating.

  6. … on sites that subscribe to the Gravatar thingy. If you pop up and comment on some strange site you’ve never heard of, and they do, it will. If you see what I mean? πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh, OK, yes Bearsy, I must avoid commenting on strange sites then πŸ™‚

    BTW, your last comment doesn’t have a reply button, but mine above it does. Is there a reason?

  8. Yes, it’s because my comment reached the third level of indentation (nesting, threading, call it what you will). We can have more than three, but that’s the default and it seemed reasonable. What do you think?

  9. I thought that might be the reason, Bearsy. I can’t see a problem with it. It is all quite easy to see, and it’s not difficult to just add a comment to the thread, and address the comment to the person. Probably difficult to say how confusing it would be on a very long thread, but probably a bit unlikely to happen for a while.

  10. I did mine hours ago, no change!

    When I go to ‘my dashboard’ and look at ‘gravatar pic’ my elephant is stampeding just as he does everywhere else.

    I can understand your concern, I like my flag, so couldn’t care less.

    Have you considered changing your name?

  11. 01:35 GMT

    My gravatar pic has (as I type) now finally filtered through to my most recent comment.

    Good, mission accomplished.

  12. Sorry Soutie – it hasn’t filtered through!
    I’ve found out what was wrong and forced your gravatar through, but there are errors in the code supporting this template. There is no way I can fix the code because we free users of don’t have access.

    You will note that users without gravatars are now shown as the mystery man – their cartoon avatars are no longer there. It’s only by making that change that your proper gravatar is allowed through. I’ll do a blog on this soon.

    Look at the bottom right (under “Older Posts”) and you’ll see your gravatar in its larger form – I put it there as an experiment. It’ll be gone soon.

  13. Hello Bearsy

    It was your ‘experiment’ that caught my attention. I obviously assumed that the update was as normal.

    Do you think it’s because I changed my pic using a URL address and not via a pic upload from my computer?

  14. I spotted the loss of my cartoon avatar about an hour ago, Bearsy. Just as I was getting to like it. 😦

    When I tried uploading my own I ran into problems. A blank page kept appearing, saying to close if it didn’t close automatically, which then took one back to the start!

    I went to the Help file, with an option for linking directly to the Gravatar site – and am now reunited with my old MyT snowflake. See, Kodak Kate, you nazi, there are some things you can’t destroy.

  15. No Soutie, it had nothing to do with you, it’s just the @#$%!! code written by some [expletive deleted] young nerd who’s too lazy to test fully! 😦

  16. Obedient as ever, I have reinstated my original login and hey presto! my leetle mugshot still appears next to ‘My account’ top left! So back to the drwaing board for you and back to my boaring pic for me.

  17. Sorry vikinggood – your gravatar as currently assigned to your original e-mail address is as shown under “Older Posts”. Soutie and Sciencebod have theirs sorted, please have another look.
    Incidentally, I will not spend a moment longer assisting you if you persist in sniping. It is not funny, and I don’t appreciate it when all I’m trying to do is assist. It spoils the site.

  18. As you can see on the right, below “Older Posts”, your hog avatar is correctly linked with your second e-mail address. Your first e-mail address is not linked to any proper image. If you manage to get it attached, it will show up there immediately – or almost immediately. It’s a different bit of software producing the image from the rest of the site.

    Tetchy – if you like. But I’m not censoring you, merely expressing my feelings.

  19. Bearsy, I would love to do what you suggest but I have no idea what your instructions mean! In English: how do I get rid of my mugshot?

  20. Sorry, but what mugshot? Look at the two avatars that are showing up there on the right. They are what is linked to your two e-mail addresses. One is right, one isn’t, but there’s no ‘mug shot’.

    I’m off to cook dinner – couple of hours – perhaps Soutie can help now he’s been elevated to the peerage.

  21. Bearsy-stroke-Soutie (if you’ll excuse the instruction), when I log in as Vikingood a little pic accompanies ‘My account, at top left of screen. That one! yes, it’s me, still!

  22. Meanwhile, you two in cyberland, would you mind upgrading my boar to ‘Author’ status? Ta. (Silly boar, he’s been truffling around looking for ‘New Post’ for ages.)

  23. I will give your second account author status and remove it from your first account. We don’t want multi-IDs here ❗

    Please remember that your displayed name can be whatever you choose – this can be set in your profile. Enter a new “nickname” and then select it from the drop-down box as your display name.

  24. Done!
    vikinggoodtoo now has author status. The system will no longer accept inputs from your first account, but I have managed to retain the old posts and comments made through that account.

  25. Thank you for sorting out this ticklish problem. Presumably my mugshot is still flying around in the Antipodean Γ¦ether…….

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