Hostage crises

It was pure coincidence that shortly after reading The Daily Mail article on the hostage drama in London’s Tottenham Court road that the front page of my Weekend read had a report of a hostage drama at Durban’s Westville Hospital.

I had been intrigued not so much by the London hostage taker or his reasons for his actions but by the response of the British police and their uniforms. (You can click the picture to get a larger view and read the collection of high tech gadgets that this officer is carrying.)

The article tells us –

“Thousands were evacuated, Tube stations were closed and streets locked down over a wide area of London’s West End.

Snipers, bomb disposal squads, nuclear biological and chemical warfare specialists and dozens of armed police were scrambled to the building on Tottenham  Court Road, one of the city’s busiest shopping streets.”

I then had a closer look at our chaps (picture on next page) Continue reading “Hostage crises”