Hostage crises

It was pure coincidence that shortly after reading The Daily Mail article on the hostage drama in London’s Tottenham Court road that the front page of my Weekend read had a report of a hostage drama at Durban’s Westville Hospital.

I had been intrigued not so much by the London hostage taker or his reasons for his actions but by the response of the British police and their uniforms. (You can click the picture to get a larger view and read the collection of high tech gadgets that this officer is carrying.)

The article tells us –

“Thousands were evacuated, Tube stations were closed and streets locked down over a wide area of London’s West End.

Snipers, bomb disposal squads, nuclear biological and chemical warfare specialists and dozens of armed police were scrambled to the building on Tottenham  Court Road, one of the city’s busiest shopping streets.”

I then had a closer look at our chaps (picture on next page)

Talk about worlds apart!
I’m also pleased to report that the Durban hostage taker was shot dead, saving me and other taxpayers the cost of psychiatric reports, court cases and the inevitable lengthy jail term.



14 thoughts on “Hostage crises”

  1. I read about it in the Telegraph, Soutie, and it was not nearly such a hysterical account of the incident. I think it wise to remember that the Mail does tend to go in for drama and sensationalism. 😉

  2. My apologies – I know nothing about either event. However, I have total sympathy with your comment:

    I’m also pleased to report that the Durban hostage taker was shot dead, saving me and other taxpayers the cost of psychiatric reports, court cases and the inevitable lengthy jail term.

    I’m inclined to think that a verdict of ‘notorious guilt’ where there is absolutely no doubt that “he, she or they dunnit” would save a lot of time, money and … psychiatric nonsense.

  3. What you mean to say, Soutie, is that in South Africa he was despatched to the latter part of the “ashes to ashes” bit. Good on Suid Afrika. It reminds me of two events that took place in California. One in San Franisco, one in Amador County. In San Franisco a violent and insane man broke a glass bottle and attempted to kill police officers with it. They shot him only to be met with large protests by the scum scraped from off the pavement. In Amador County a deranged man tried to stab the police only to be met with the superior force of their guns. We Amadorians celebrated a proper end.

  4. It appears currently that the UK govt is totally and hysterically over the top with everything they do.
    One only has to look at this bloody olympics etc.
    Outrageous behaviour by the powers that be to the detriment of the people of the country.
    I do not believe for one moment they were police, I suspect that they have drafted in the SAS into the police for the olympic season. But it would never do for the population to know it.
    Since the siege of Sidney St caused quite so much aggro in parliament the army are never seen on the streets of Britain.
    The population of the UK may be undereducated in their history but the Manchester Guardian isn’t!
    (Re Peterloo and the Rebecca riots)

  5. Morning all.

    Have to agree with Mrs O about the ‘overkill’ approach of the UK govt, the costs of an operation such as this must be mindblowing.

    But, it was the “re-inforced titanium watch favoured by special forces’ which caught my eye.

  6. Cuprum, pull the other one, I hear often of police in England ‘executing’ citizens, Raoul Mout, Mark Duggan, Mark Saunders, need I go on?

  7. Cuprum

    Well you’ve confused the heck out of me, are you suggesting that the police / security forces aren’t responsible for the death of civilians in the country in which you live? (Which I’m assuming to be UK)

  8. Some years ago now, just as we were all preparing to leave the house for work and school, husband came racing back up the path to tell us all to stay inside as there were armed police coming along the close. They headed for a house that had been rented out to students, one of whom was doing a thriving trade in drugs. Apparently when it comes to drugs dealers, the police never know what they’re going to find and what sort of reception awaits them, so they were all armed and wearing bullet-proof vests. Presumably the same is true in possible terrorist situations. I have no problem with that, though I think South Africa’s approach would save a lot of time and money.

  9. Try Seattle, the police shoot to kill with gay abandon, there is no need to draft in the army.
    I suppose when you look at those they actually shoot they are doing the tax payer a favour as most of them look likely welfare recipients!

    A great shame they don’t shoot a few more scum in Britain, look at the pathetic effort last summer, most of those rioters could have been shot with profit!

    Sheona, here for the drug dens, they burn them to the ground after they have shot the people! Meths permeates the walls and the properties can no longer be used.

  10. CO: the ground itself is also useless, hence the fact that they sell the grounds for a pittance.
    Even after thoroughly cleaning it, as often is the case, it will still be a chemical waste site.

    Sheona: precisely. I have seen a few drug raids and the police have to come in overwhelming force.
    There are often weapons and people on drugs are not known for their cool rationality.

  11. In fact the house was not a “drugs den” in that people did not consume the stuff on the premises. The girl who was dealing simply kept the stuff in her room before selling it. It was all quite low key, as it turned out, but the police did not know that in advance.

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