Underrated: Eamonn Holmes


Carol Vorderman effortlessly crunches the numbers, Noel Edmonds flawlessly points out the probabilities and Lucy Verasamy is the fount (font?) of knowledge about clouds. These three individuals are masters of their art. Which brings us to the consummate professional- Eamonn Holmes. Never in the field of TV presenting has a man been so natural on the screen. A veteran of many shows he currently presents Sky News Sunrise.

Eamonn has had his share of criticism but I come here to praise him, not to bury him. For starters he has an uncanny ability to memorise his lines. The headlines are all written on paper at his desk yet he looks at the screen and word for word reads the written page without once glancing down at the A4. Continue reading “Underrated: Eamonn Holmes”