Westcentric grub

Eating out is not my natural environment. Ordering, lavish décor, waiting to be served, polite conversation, slow eating of ordered food, ambient atmosphere, the tip- it’s really not for me. I’m far happier in a rowdy public house. Nonetheless, it was a special occasion so Mrs W and me had a night out at a popular eating place in town.

After the pre-ordering ritual we waited for our starter for ten. It duly arrived and no complaints so far. Halfway through the first course is when I had an inkling this was going to be one of those nights. “Is everything OK?” asked the waiter. Oh yes, delicious, tasty etc. etc. Continue reading “Westcentric grub”

Cooking – the books.

Well honestly, I’m quite deflated. It’s like my souffle’s sunk, my meringue’s gone flat and my custard’s curdled. It seems I only have five of the Observer’s top 50 cookbooks ever!

This either indicates that I am hopelessly untrendy or that I am a lousy, seriously uninformed cook. Whichever is true, I’m not sure I can live with the shame. Well, ok, I lied about that. I just made shame my new best friend. Continue reading “Cooking – the books.”