Greatest Year

In the author’s opinion 1953 was the greatest year in human history. The list below gives an indication of some of thee historic events in┬áthat calendar year. There wasn’t enough room to mention more though I dare say the lot of you well remember this was the year of Myxomatosis in the UK. Tic-tac-toe, it was not.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Crick and Watson discover DNA

Two other blokes discover REM sleep.

Hillary reaches the top.

Piltdown Man is rock bottom.

Magnificent England beat Australia to reclaim the Ashes which the Aussies had held since 1934.

Hungary thrash the Horrible English 6-3 at Wembley.

Gordon Richards wins the Derby at long last.

First issue of Playboy.

Two thirds of Rush are born.

Most importantly, the famous Glasgow Rangers win the Scottish Football Championship on goal average.