What does a redneck do with a golf cart?

I was given a golf cart as a birthday gift this year, the first mate decided I needed help getting around the property, the mailbox is about half a mile away at the end of the driveway and up a steep hill, it is quite a hike but not one that I make every day. The gift was greeted with a sigh and as much oh! yes and ah! perfect as I could manage on the spur so to speak.  Anyway it’s a two-seater gasoline powered 1994 model and has the thing on the back where one would keep the bag of sticks if one gorfed which I of course do not, and incidentally never have excepting for one game in the full innocence of youth when convinced by my Scottish uncle James MacDonald Millar that this would be a useful skill to have in later life I attempted a round (he lied).

The Metamorphosis


You know how it is when stuff is free. It feels mean not to avail yourself. People have gone to a lot of trouble and it would be rude to refuse.

It was our first all-inclusive hol and there were drinks, all the food you could want and free watersports. Well, obviously booze and swimming don’t mix. Neither do food and swimming for that matter so that was mostly for the evening.

I’m not one of those “alarm clock” sunbathers who turn themselves regularly beneath the roasting Caribbean sun to create that lovely mahogany tan so beloved of Peter Stringfellow which will inevitably turn into briefcase leather at around 65 years old. Continue reading “Windsurfing”

Blandford Biter

The Blandford fly The Blandford fly (sometimes called blackfly) is found in east Anglia, Oxfordshire and Dorset.
Blandford fly bites are common during May and June, and are very painful, frequently occurring on the legs. They can produce a severe, localised reaction, with symptoms including oedema (itchy, pale pink, or red, swellings), blistering, fever, and joint pain.‘ Information here. The bites seem often to become infected. Continue reading “Blandford Biter”