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What happened to the Telegraph?

November 3, 2016 15 comments

The front page is a copy from 31st March this year!  To my knowledge it has now been there for 13 hours since last night!

They must know, so probably been hacked and they can’t move it, reckon it is an inside job of a disgruntled employee.  It is so nice to see the old format and names rather than a horde of useless bints of 20 something snowflakes.

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Pearls and Divas

November 1, 2016 8 comments

I have recently started to listen to the late, great Birgit Nilsson, världens bästa Nilsson. She was a most interesting woman. She did not have her debut until she was 28 and like Pavarotti hers was an entirely natural talent, a brilliant voice that needed little guidance or re-shaping. Unusually for a prima donna of global renown she was not a diva. Rather, Read more…

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October 30, 2016 4 comments

Recently many Europeans living in the United Kingdom have complained about a change in how they are treated and how comfortable they feel living there. Most complaints have been of the abstract sort. There are few, very few, direct instances of hostilities shown – merely a perceived difference. This leads me to believe that it’s a matter of perception, not an actual change and that that perception is rooted not in reality, but in a challenge to supposition pre-disposed. Read more…

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Rod Liddle on Putin

October 23, 2016 16 comments
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Every Picture etc….

October 20, 2016 16 comments

I accidentally bought a cheese scone. Surprisingly, or not, it went very well with jam, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry …etc. Having repeated the mistake a couple of times I can confirm the result. Have even converted Mrs J.

BTW tea, coffee and buns for two in Waitrose costs about *£5.80 as opposed to twice that amount in the local Costa or other cafes. To some extent this makes up for the fact that they’ve ramped up the price of unsalted butter from one pound, or less, to anything from £1-20 to £1-70 for French ‘President Beurre’. Just as well we buy ours at Aldi where it’s still 85p.

*If you have a Waitrose Card



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Having a larf, innit?

October 18, 2016 15 comments

So the British Government agreed to accept 300 “child refugees” with family already in the United Kingdom. The first of the lot arrived in Britain today to much fanfare. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the fanfare that the Delightful Mrs May Or Amber Rudd the Dud would have liked. It seems, as if, they look rather wiser than their years should allow. That is, they are as convincing as children as I am as a Japanese schoolgirl. This makes me wonder if it is ministerial incompetence, a fast-one pulled by the Frogs or if the British Government simply wanted to create so much public disgust with this that opposition to taking more would be insurmountable.

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The Problem we have with Russia.

October 14, 2016 Leave a comment

Talk by Peter Hitchens, well worth listening to.

“…..Another event at the Wordsmithy festival in Moscow Idaho, a lecture I gave on the Russian question

Its message will be familiar to anyone who has read my article on the same issue in ‘First Things’ …..”


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Of Sheep and Men

October 12, 2016 6 comments

Since extricating myself from the sulphuric clutches of Dodgydagoland I’ve sought some purpose and meaning in my quiet, uneventful life. As I’m only in Germany for a few months, just until my December holiday and then a few weeks afterwards, establishing a truly regular routine is senseless. Through pure accident, however, I’ve found purpose and meaning in my life. I am a sheep observer. Read more…

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Is Germany Becoming the New Sick Man of Europe ?

October 12, 2016 9 comments
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Ward Musician – Visit no. 1

October 7, 2016 15 comments

Its been light years since I put up a post, but following nudges from Janus and Christopher HERE GOES.

 I have just embarked on a new venture – as a Volunteer at University College London Hospital in the capacity as Ward Musician.   I had been interviewed and assessed over the last few months,  with workshops and induction courses and found to be of sound stock and yet, until Tuesday this week,  not one of my interviewers and assessors had actually heard me play the piano. Isn’t that just amazing?  Perhaps they were so desperate that they simply recognised my interactive charms and that was considered good enough, after all the main thing is to ENGAGE WITH THE PATIENTS. Read more…

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