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This again?

Those of us who have followed the EU for years will only be all too familiar with a certain pattern. The EU makes proposals — and takes initial steps to formalise them — that are so astoundingly tin-eared and untenable that national governments and electorates scream in protest. Read more…

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Conspiracy theories??

I am not normally one to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but, given the idiocy of half the UK population in the General Election I just wonder……..

  • If the polls at the time that Maggie Maybe called the election were rigged to show a much more commanding lead for the Tories than actually existed to persuade her to call the election, given that a lot of poll companies seem to be  Labour inspired and I never really believed them anyway?
  • How much electoral fraud was involved in some of the Labour victories. They have rather a record for such things?
  • Whether Maggie Maybe wanted to lose to screw up Brexit negotiations?
  • Whether her chief advisers were either Labour plants, received large backhanders or were just total wazzocks? I suspect the latter, but you never know.

Probably we shall never know, but we can only hope that she is dumped very soon for a proper Conservative leader and that they can do a deal with the DUP to ensure Brexit continues on course. We also have to hope that when the next inevitable early election comes, the Constituency Boundary Changes have been made, so that Labour do not get a 10% head-start in the polls.

The only good things to come out of this election were Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond and SNP Westminster leader Angus Roberson all getting the chop and the reining in of the SNP. Everything else was a disaster, although not as bad as if Jeremy Corbyn had won. That would have been apocalyptic.

What, me worry?  (Alfred E Neuman c1964)

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I have nothing to add.

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Seems Appropriate.

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More Blether

Once more, another psychotic raghead attack,  more anodyne platitudes spewed by politicians, more ‘standing together’, mass wholesale purchase of candles and rotting flower mounds.

How much longer does the citizenry of the UK have to take this utter travesty before someone has the balls to DO SOMETHING?

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Using Barbarians to Control Barbarians.

“Using barbarians to control barbarians” is a centuries-old Chinese policy. If rivalries and divisions between outside rivals can be exploited to China’s benefit, the Chinese will capitalise on any and all opportunities. In recent days the vapidity of the Yanks and the idiocy of the Europeans has given the Chinese their best opportunity in centuries to wreak havoc on their Western rivals. Read more…

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BA’s Cruzifixion

As some of my much-esteemed Charioteers might know, I’ve recently changed tack and completed a two-year certification programme in Business Arts. This does not in any way mean that I’m an expert or anything approaching that exulted state. I have, however, started to pay more attention to how companies and commerce work. British Airways is a recent example of how to mismanage an otherwise reputable company. Read more…

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Status Update

May 24, 2017 14 comments

The Chariot has now moved past a bit miffed, and is approaching really rather pissed off.

As a result, our security status has been raised to keep a weather eye open; chariots have been refitted with military-grade scythes, and the censor has been released from protective custody.   Any post or comment which offers – however subtly – support for the cult of murderous medieval misfits will be immediately dematerialised.

No adverse postings are anticipated, but better safe than sorry.

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Sound Analysis.

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Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Well then, as to that qualifying as the social wedding event of the year of the would be members of ‘society’, I can only observe, God help society!

It appeared to be a motley collection of those with more money than sense or taste and those minor royalty who would attend the opening of an envelope.  Don’t some of them even own a mirror?  I’ve seen better looking hats on Wurzel Gummidge in fields!  The aristocracy were notably absent.

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