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DT Subscription

February 11, 2017 2 comments

My Daily Telegraph online subscription has expired, to renew it would cost £80 which IMHO is a bit steep for the privilege of accessing what is now a very mediocre website.

There is now little talk of the paper being sold, probably because no one with deep enough pockets and any sense is interested.

Whilst the Barclay Bros were screwing things up the world moved on.

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Meanwhile in Jockistan…

February 8, 2017 9 comments

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Trump and Christianity

February 8, 2017 1 comment
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For Mark Steyn fans and cat lovers.

February 7, 2017 3 comments

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A Michael Fish Moment!

February 6, 2017 9 comments

This folks, is a wet day according to all and sundry weather forecasts locally.  Definitely but definitely a Michael Fish moment.  For the furriners amongst us, 1987 hurricane which didn’t happen according to the BBC weather forecast.  Just the worst bit of wind for 300 years, that was all!  Forests reduced to matchsticks in the South of the UK.


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Les Voyages en Train

February 5, 2017 9 comments

I was happy to leave California. After a nasty scuffle with an Indian TSA agent, sod the lot, I boarded a pleasantly uneventful flight to Copenhagen. I was able to sit in an emergency exit seat with over a yard of leg-room. The aeroplane was only half full and the air hostess, an affable Swede, offered me and the pleasant Dane sitting by me a choice of any seat – or row of seats – in revolting peasant class. We were simply chuffed at actually being able to sit comfortably – and not having anyone behind us – so we could recline. My flight arrived punctually and, almost without precedent, there was no queue at passport control. In less than 10 minutes my suitcase was delivered. In stark contrast with Sub-Canadian North America there was no insinuation, there was no aggro and there was no pointless tossing about of authority. Read more…

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John Redwood’s Diary

February 5, 2017 9 comments
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Liberal Democracy Paradox

February 1, 2017 13 comments

The Paradox with Liberal Democracy is that it will not survive because it allows, even encourages, behaviour in the growing number of Special Interest Groups (SIGS ?) which is antithetical to true democracy; the latter being  dependent on personal responsibility and good behaviour.

Just sayin’.

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Mark Steyn Makes The PC Joke Police Sound Like Tyrannical Ideologues

January 31, 2017 4 comments


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The Truth About Trump’s Muslim Ban

January 30, 2017 15 comments

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