Easy one

OK, bit of sunday night fun:

Favourite book and favourite author??

Don’t want what you think we all want to see-war and peace, shakespear etc, would really like your secret fantasy, like the album/artist you have on your i-pod or playlist that you don’t tell the rest of the world about.

Happy sunday 🙂



I will shamefully admit that I am not very keen on ‘other people’s children’, never have been, never will be.  Yes, I adore my own, there are friends children whom I adore, there are even a couple of my daughter’s friends who I love to bits, but on the whole, most kids I would never care much if I were to ever see them again.  This may sound harsh, it is not an attribute of mine that I am proud of, but this is how it is for me.

Case One: As you may well know, this past couple of weeks has been wonderful, weather wise, and you all know by now we have the standby olympic swimming pool in the back garden, well this is gathering around, what I nearly call, the pool users and they have been climbing out of the woodwork and the joy that comes with that has started.

The first point in case is this feral little boy from across the road.  On his own he is quite a sweet little lad, he is only 7, one of Ross’s classmates.  He comes from an absolutely terrible family, they could fill the Jeremy Kyle studio on a weekly basis, there are 8 kids, eldest being 18 and the baby who was born last year.   I won’t let Ross out on his own, he only turned 7  in march and he, in my opinion, is far too little to be out there playing with the traffic etc.
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Blood donation

I have just been, for the first time in my life, to donate blood…and I have to say that I feel very good for doing so.

I haven’t ever felt that I could do so before, due to my alcoholism, but as I have been on the wagon now for a year, thought that it was about time to do somehthing about it.  When my mum was so poorly with her cancer she had what seemed like dozens of pints of blood transfused, also bone marrow transplants and several other things that helped prolong her life, and if some kind souls hadn’t donated, her life would have been alot shorter.

It was a bit of a strange experience, and all of the so called do-gooders of the villiage were there, but am sitting here sipping my tea and feeling like I have finally done something worthwhile.


Happy Exhaustion

I have just had one of the most fantastic weekends of my life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it, and for me, that is quite a rare thing.

As you may or may not remember, my bestist friend in the whole world was coming down from London for the weekend, a long time of missing him, and we spent a gorgeous day on saturday, catching up and having lots of  fun.  I first met Paul when he was the next ‘newbie’ at school, after me, he walked into my home economics lesson, was told to sit next to me and we have been best friends ever since.  We had the most amazing time growing up, I was totally head over heals in love with him for years, until he ‘came out’ to me, when we were 19 and you could have knocked me over with a feather. Continue reading “Happy Exhaustion”

Question for all of you…

Would any of you object to my friend Paul joining the site??  He reads my blogs as a way of knowing what is going on in my life and now I have moved over here, he would like to continue to do so.   I doubt very much he would contribute, just use the site to come on to see what I am up to.

No worries if you would object, thought it best to ask before inviting him.


And the excitment grows….

Today is the day that the ‘pool from hell’ arrives.  The children are so excited-they have been up since rediculously early in anticipation and they keep asking me to track it, but I can’t give them any more information than I did originally, that it left Bodmin at 9.30 this morning and shall be here shortly…….grrr kids huh!

Our new 'small' pool

All of Talwyn’s friends are rallying around, because I have decreed that if they don’t help they are not going to be able to use it (a slight over exageration, but may as well get all of the free manual labour that we can!).  The bottom garden has been cleared of everything, no mean task I can tell you and we are all ready to go-well, rather they are, I am site supervisor for the day, I do not want to get involved with it, oh and the sun is shinning.

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Pools and Badgers

Wow, what a glorious day it is down here, and good job too.

As a family, we really don’t need to go on holiday.  We live in the place where most people would like to come on their hols, if you get my drift, so we go all out and buy a swimming pool for the summer.  May sound a little extravagant, but it keeps the children happy for the whole of the summer and they can go in it come rain or shine throughout our glorious british summer.

As some on here may know, we have had pools of varying sizes in the past couple of years, they generally end up as ‘swimming ponds’ come the end of the year as they are nigh on impossible to totally empty, so I figure that the money that I fork out is worth it per season.  The last one we had is no exception.  A couple of weeks ago the children managed to find 5 frogs, starting from a centimetre long to great big, full grown daddy frogs, a toad and several newts in there.  I have had frog spawn in my sitting room for weeks now, but has had to be put back outside as they are growing into little jumping creatures.

Biggie and Frog Marley pictured.

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How is the election affecting you??

You would think, living down here in the sticks, that I would have been pretty much left alone on this campaign.  Not so.  If anything it has gone politics mad down here.

I have had letters from all of the big parties-we don’t do UKIP down here, not offended.  They are all addressed to me personally, and are all promising the world.  As the Zero’s crowd know I have a very attractive bright orange sign in my garden, asking one to vote for the lib dem’s, who have held office down here as long as I have been alive.  It is not there through choice, but obligation.  The bloke in question helped me to get this house, something that I am eternally grateful for, and as I did nothing but hassle him for a year until I got housed back in the villiage I grew up in, he now thinks that it is fine for him use our garden for any campaign that he is running.  He won’t be getting my vote, but please don’t tell him that.

I have had locals and other’s coming around and knocking on my door asking me for my vote, it is everywhere you look and I am actually finding it quite exciting this year, for the first time ever.  I guess that this must come with age, where as before I knew which party I follow and have voted for, but I always used to be quite blahzay about the whole process and think that it didn’t really matter who got into power.

(Not that I am going to rush to watch Question Time now, that is a bit much for me, but I can take a healthy interest from the side lines.)