Happy Exhaustion

I have just had one of the most fantastic weekends of my life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it, and for me, that is quite a rare thing.

As you may or may not remember, my bestist friend in the whole world was coming down from London for the weekend, a long time of missing him, and we spent a gorgeous day on saturday, catching up and having lots of  fun.  I first met Paul when he was the next ‘newbie’ at school, after me, he walked into my home economics lesson, was told to sit next to me and we have been best friends ever since.  We had the most amazing time growing up, I was totally head over heals in love with him for years, until he ‘came out’ to me, when we were 19 and you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Paul now works in the city and his partner, Fernando, is very high up in the L’oreal corporation so the pink pound is alive and well with those two.  They live an incredibly busy and exciting life, with lots of travel for work, all over the world, they are the happiest couple that I know and I adore them both.  This also means that they do not get alot of time to come down to Cornwall so we stay in touch either by email and facebook with lots of phonecalls in between.  Paul’s mum died a year ago this saturday coming and I also believe, and think that this has been a factor to his abscence as his mum lived down here, was also a very good friend to me, and it is also something that he couldn’t face doing for all this time.

Anyway, I digress.  My little ones go to their dad’s on a saturday and stay until the sunday lunchtime, my ‘break’ in the week so I had arranged for Paul to come around after midday to pick me up, as this would give me enough time to get ready after they had gone.  He turned up at 12 on the dot, I was still not dressed and had to send him away for 15 mins whilst I got myself sorted out.  He didn’t mind as he had gotten an Audi A5 convertible for his birthday and was quite happy to drive around the villiage being ‘seen’ in his new baby.

Paul in his 'baby'

He whisked me off up to Newquay, usually a town I avoid like the plague in emmet season, too busy, but he had booked us into Jamie Oliver’s 15 restaurant at fistral beach for lunch, and I have to say that it was marvellous.  I only had black olives for lunch, partly because I am on a diet, but also I have a thing about eating in front of people, something that started when I was pregnant with Ross, I even find it hard to eat in front of my family, let alone strangers, not referring to Paul and Fernando, but it was my loss and they had some lovely food and I so enjoyed sitting there and catching up with them, sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the ambience.

After that we went into Truro and went shopping for a few hours, I was spoiled rotten by the boys, and then we went back to the house and spent some time, just yapping and being together.  It really was great, spending all that time together and sort of catching up, but it proved to me that I can walk further than I was giving my body credit for, something that I am now keen to keep up, yet I have also been paying for it ever since.

On the sunday I decided that I just needed a down day, it was beautiful weather and I just wanted to lounge in the garden for the day.  I was in fact in incredible pain, but it was happy pain as I really felt rejuvinated by the previous days shinanigans.  The little ones came home at midday, were very excited by the presents that their uncles had bought them and then the pool nagging began.  They hadn’t been in it yet, it didn’t finish filling until late on saturday, and I was a bit hesitant to let them in because it takes about 5 days to aclimitise, so the water warms up a bit as it comes from the tap so cold.

Before I knew it I had at least 14 people in the gardens, all wanting to go in the pool and hang out and it was in fact great, sort of an impromptu party.  It lasted for about 3 hours, lots of laughing, happy kids and my girlfriend Debbie, her dogs, basset hounds, and just a great atmosphere.  I think I crashed and burned about 10pm on sunday night, just couldn’t stay awake any longer, but it was a really, really great weekend.

My two rugrats in the much heralded swimming pool.


Author: Cornish Kate

I am a mum of 3, living in a wonderful part of the country, have some mobility problems, love and fight life in equal measures, am very frie

8 thoughts on “Happy Exhaustion”

  1. Brilliant Kate. This just brims over with joy, happiness and love for your friends. About the best thing a body could read before bedtime.
    Sweetest dreams to you.

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