Photo Comp (at last)

Notwithstanding that management has probably sent messages to all Cherished Colleagues never to let OZ win any competition ever again, it behoves me to set a photo comp while my poor old laptop is still whirring.

I should like to see a piccie entitled “My Favourite Thing(s)”. Any subject matter is admissible – a person, a view, an object, a pet, etc., etc. – the only rules being that it must, of course, be your own composition and must be on this thread by midnight Zulu this coming 30th November.

Good luck.



Dear cherished colleagues. I apologise for my absence from The Chariot, which is down to chronic connectivity problems and a laptop that will be shot in the face very soon unless it shapes up pronto.

I know a photo comp needs to be set and I’m thinking of “My favourite thing(s)” as a working title. I shall put up a separate post on this.

Oh, a bit of news. In the early morning of 31st October, our fourth anniversary, I plied the NSW with champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice and asked her if she would do me the honour of becoming the next Mrs OZ. She eventually said, “Yesh” There was a solitaire involved.




Dear Cherished Colleagues

I am writing to you for the first time from outside The Cave, namely from the cafe in the village that has just become an internet hotspot (or whatever you call it). This is ace as I can now ride the Chariot and have a beer at the same time. Who said thick-pawed wolves couldn’t multitask?

Anyway, to business. The reason I am here is because I have been hit by something called malware. I was called just before Christmas by somebody in London purporting to be from Windows who claimed I had big problems with my OS and that they could help. It was all very, very plausible until the barsteward asked for credit card details, at which point I put the phone down. Now he may have been a Nigerian prince I don’t know, but even I would not give such details to some stranger who rang me. Then, a month or so ago, my computer warned me that its disc was full and that it was infected. The messages looked like genuine Microsoft error messages and invited me to follow procedures to recover disk space. After about four steps the program required money to eradicate further files.

It took a French friend of mine with a geek IQ quotient way off the scale four beers to decontaminate my poor computer and it is now bug free and which is why I’m still in the cafe.

So, be warned.



Good morning, cherished reader. I awoke today in robust form having overdosed on barbie with my brother and his family yesterday afternoon, but then I went to the papers this morning and had this shoved in my face.

linkey thing

What is it about cyclistas, especially those of a metrosexual, London-centric persuasion, who think that none of the rules that bind lesser mortals apply to them?

Listen, two-wheeled Taliban, wear a hard hat as other two-wheeled motorcyclists as obliged to do, wear a seat belt as motorists are obliged to do. Get some number plates like every other road user, and insurance for when you collide with a pedestrian and an MOT certificate for your conveyance, obey the rules of the road, including stopping at traffic lights and not riding on pavements you throbbers, that apply to every other road user and PAY ROAD TAX .

Oh, and lose the Lycra. It’s not cute and it’s not even funny. It’s just a lot of fat in a dayglo plastic bag drooped over a thin slice of synthetic leather. I have lost my breakfast on less offensive images.


Piccie Comp

And breathe! Sorry for the delay, but I’ve had a week like you would not believe, the details with which I shall not disturb cherished colleagues.

Anyhoo, it rests with me to set the next piccie comp and, after JM’s ‘memorial’ topic, I have chosen the subject of ‘favourite thing(s)’. Get those cameras snapping and get the results posted by midnight Zulu on 31st March.

Good luck!